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#131: Post by madgalaxy »

Can anyone give a compare of the Prime vs say an MC4 or MC5? I have been very intrigued by the Prime for a couple months now, but have an MC5 on order (Sept).


#132: Post by cmin »

My exquisitely honed and precise design to stop popcorning...... cut paper plate 8) . And yes those are Harbor Freight mini clamps, have it on a temporary movable island right now as renting this place and even with wheels locked it rocks trying to grind especially light roast. Clamps make a huge difference.

Vencho Miloshevski

#133: Post by Vencho Miloshevski »

Hi everyone, has anyone recently purchased something from Craig Lyn? Do you know if the company still operates? I contacted them everywhere and I'm not receiving any replies, they also seem to haven't been that much active on their social media profiles. Also, anyone here has experience in purchasing the HG-1 Prime in Europe? How much import taxes did you pay?

Thank you!