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#121: Post by Pressino »

cmin: I'm beginning to wonder if the problem lies more with your BDB machine rather than with the grinder. Have you tried using another machine to brew coffee ground in the HG-1P?


#122: Post by cmin replying to Pressino »

No, and wouldn't be the BDB, it's works as good as the modded GS3 I had lol (BDB modded as well). and it's flawless with the other grinders whether Mono Flat or Hyper Aligned Ceramic and Steel burr Varios or even the DF, and same beans (all 5 various SOs and Blends right now that all have same issue with HG1P). Even doing low flow at 2 bar for 30+s, pry the worse extractions seen in 13 years. Even have a 1Z hand grinder for travel/pour over, and even that will pull espresso if needed no problem. I even went through another two boxes of rice (already went through like 4 previous boxes, and all the beans, and no difference).

Craig's actually having it shipped back. No clue, shipping musta fubar'd it. The box looked like it went 9 rounds with Mike Tyson, even the handle was dented which he sent another handle. And the way these are heavily packaged and protected, that had to be some insane force with a sharper opject to get through and dent the handle through all that packaging.

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#123: Post by Pressino »

Wow, I had no idea the box was so badly damaged in shipping. With that kind of damage to the handle I have no doubt that even the burr shaft could have been bent out of alignment, just as if the grinder had been dropped on the floor. Hope the replacement performs as expected.


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Ironically he lives near me, so we're meeting up Monday to drop it off to him. Lol. Had to be shipping issue, only other explanation is "me" but I think I know how to prep after 13 years and bunch of grinders and machines.... :lol:

If it's somehow me, have no clue what I could be doing wrong


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Glad you're getting taken care of. My original HG1 was is fantastic, your Prime will be even better. At the very least it will be easier to use.


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Yeah I had an original HG1 and a Pharos way back with voo doo mods. Sold both years ago, just wasn't using them much with other (electric lol) grinders. Wanted to play with a big conical again, without dropping a wad on another grinder like Monolith etc

Yeah I didn't realize he lived by me, said he moved to FL years ago, I saw the one address for label and was like oh your like 15 min from me.


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Met up with Craig as luckily lives near me. He checked the grinder out and got it re-sorted quickly, think shipping just walloped the f' out of it, there was slack even in the handle which was throwing grind off more. These things are packaged very well and strongly, but I have the worst luck with anything coffee related whether coffee beans, machines, or grinders lol. I even shipped a Profitec out once and it was like UPS entered it into a Rugby game and the whole machine was dented and deformed.

It works amazingly now, pulling Ghost Towns 1889 blend and it's pulling excellent shots. So thick and full of body and flavors but side by side the Flats, almost no bitter/harshness that always hits with flats on darker roast (this is med dark). And no insane channeling and spraying everywhere that was happening previously lol. I know what these burrs are capable of and I had an original HG1. Was even pulling a lighter blend last few days that was tricky to dial even on thr Flats, and I preferred the HG1 shots even though it's not fully broken in, the fruit notes were punching through even milk. Just made an iced drink with some ice and 4oz of milk and it's noticeably a notch up already even vs Monolith Flat and others through the years. I don't know why I went so long without another conical. Oddly I used a Niche a few times and didn't really care for it, go figure.

Craig is an awesome dude as well in person.


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Out of curiosity, what did he do to the grinder? Went through and tightened up loose bits, or was there more to it?


#129: Post by cmin replying to molimo140 »

I'm honestly not even sure as I went through myself, and even with him over the phone at one point. There was a weird slack in the handle that attaches to the body as well, and it was dented from somehow whatever post office did through all that packaging and protection like they dropped it from 20ft onto a sharp object lol. And the burr even when I redid somehow kept working itself lose with the bolt or having just enough movement that was throwing the grind consistency way off. I don't even think he aligned it, just went through, dissembling, and did everything so fast it was like watching someone do a video in fast forward motion lol. I was chatting with him and his (wife?) whom was really nice so wasn't paying 100% attention. Dialed in on his GS3.

All I know is he worked his magic and it's pulling amazing shots now.


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Finally had time this weekend to finish setting up my HG-1 Prime. Mounted to an 8"x12" walnut cutting board. The lid was one from Etsy marketed for a new P64 but it's basically a perfect fit. Just drilled a hole through the middle for the shaft, cut it in half, and glued some magnets in so it's easy to put on and take off.

So far very happy with it! I picked up the Prime to have a quiet grinder on hand when I have guests staying over. Mounting it on the board made it much quieter since it dampens the vibrations going through the countertop.