HG-1 prime: starting the dial-in

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Just out of curiosity, has anyone noticed that the HG-1 prime getting started instructions are a little bit off with respect to the initial grind? The [instructions](https://craiglyn.com/products/hg-1-prim ... tructions/) say to rotate the dial until the burrs just barely touch, call that the zero point, and then rotate one full turn back to get into the espresso range and start dialing in.

But, oh my lordy, one full turn? I tried that to start, and then tried pulling a short with my Robot, and I couldn't even get to like 1 bar. It just squirted straight out, like filter grind level. Ooops. I'm more like 1/3 of a turn from the zero now before it's recognizably espresso-like, and even then I need to dial it finer...


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HG1-Prime also needs a bit of seasoning, do not worry about guides, just adjust according to coffee...


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I had to go well past a full turn with the beans I was using at the time. Go finer. You should have plenty of range to work with.

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Have you tightened the lower burr screw?
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To that point, check your alignment. Link below to instructions on Craig's site. You can use the paper and/or light test. Second video below is a good example of what I'm talking about.

https://craiglyn.com/products/hg-1-prim ... alignment/