HG-1 for pour over

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Does anybody here use an HG-1 for both espresso and pour over? I'm thinking about trying a V60 and am wondering where to start with the grind setting. Can you tell me how many major and minor marks you adjust for the coarser pour over grind? For example, if you are at 1-0 for espresso, where would you set it for pour over?

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I received the following suggestion from Craig Lyn:

"I'd try 3 full numbers from your espresso setting."

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#3: Post by LBIespresso »

I don't recall how far I moved mine from espresso for pour over but I am pretty sure it was significantly more than 3 numbers. It's been a while and I don't have the HG-One here with me so I am not much help.

I will say that I enjoyed using it for pour over much more than for espresso.
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