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#1: Post by emann »

Hello to all,

I have a coffee grinder Brasilia RR45 that was using for the past several years. The grinder works great but it has developed a problem with the doser where its lever does not turn the star correctly - I took a short video of the issue (not sure if the link will work but if you copy and paste this in google one can see the video):

The local shop who used to be their agent has advised that they no longer provide servicing as the company is no longer in operation - however he said that if you manage to locate the parts any technician can repair it.

Would it be possible that someone assists what is wrong with this doser and maybe indicate which parts I would need to look for (attaching parts list diagram). I am thinking that if I find the parts I would also change the grinding wheels. I have found these available online but not sure if to get LH or RH and how I can ensure I am getting the correct ones.

Any help appreciated as it is really a pity to throw this grinder away for such a fault.



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Hi emann,

seems the spring 94 is broken, but i even suspect that some other parts are worn or just dirty....the wobbling of the central shaft or the star, is a clue.
If you never tried to open the doser before, it will be a bit tricky, so once you remove the bottom be careful that some pieces could fall off.
In the photos the RR45 burr and size, the normal declared diameter is 63.5mm, but i don't know if a 64mm can fit as well, maybe you should try to measure your original burrs.

emann (original poster)

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Hi Giampero,

thanks a lot to reply and help out.

I agree that for the burrs it would be best to measure them, but how would I identify if the burr is LH or RH pls?

Also, any instructions I can follow to remove the bottom of the doser and also dismantle the burrs please. I am quite hands on but maybe you can provide and particular insights so as not to damage the grinder from my lack of experience.



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The burrs are left, i mean that they rotate counterclockwise.
I don't remember last time i dismantled a RR45, but i try to give you some advice.
Important, every time you remove some parts, just remember the sequence of the assembly for the proper rebuilt.
1) remove the 2 screws ( 86) that fix the doser upper collar (87)to the grinder body
2) lift up the plastic collar (88)
3) unscrew the internal central black plastic knob (89), then one by one lift up the other parts, until you reach a sieger, (90) you have to remove it to lift up the last part of the doser star (59)
4) at the internal base of the doser, at 12 o'clock, there is a screw (91) that keep attached the doser to the grinder body, remove it and you should to have all in your hand.
5) the other side of the doser it's more difficult for my memory but you should find 2 screws, on the side closest to the grinder body, if you remove it you should be able to extract all the assembly from the doser this point or somebody with better memory come for help, or you must to do by yourself with logic....and caution in case some parts jump off.

emann (original poster)

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thank you so much for these details.

I will start searching for the possible parts to see if I can locate any items related to the doser and if I note that I can indeed find some parts I will proceed to dismantle the unit..hopefully not damage anything and the inspect thoroughly what is required.