Help please with Fiorenzato AllGround

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For any Fiorenzato AllGround grinder owners can I please ask for some help or suggestions?

I have just received a new AllGround and am not happy. After watching the endless videos reviewing and ultimately highly recommending this grinder I didn't see anyone having the problems I have encountered. Could it be me?

On the double espresso time setting the grinder can grind up to a maximum of 20 seconds. I set mine on 18 secs with freshly roasted beans and I only get 13-14g of coffee into a 20g puck. Going to the max 20secs I am still obviously way short of 20g so I have to manually apply the extra and keep weighing to check. Surely they would have noticed? I have the grind set in the middle of the espresso section.

Even when it grinds out my 13g into a bottomless filter I get coffee grounds spilling over. Now I realise there is absolutely no room for anything but a portafilter under the coffee dispensing chute and the enclosed plastic cup. I do have a small 15mm dosing funnel but that won't even fit. How does everyone else manage? A dosing cup? I saw one video of the grinder which seems to show loads of room for a portafilter and funnel. I have unscrewed all the supports but cannot find that magical extra room unless I rotate the forks 180 degrees and then its too much.

Where could I be going wrong? Very frustrated.

Thank you in advance for your help.