Help needed! Piece flies out of Niche Zero while grinding.

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#1: Post by JamesB517 »

Help! I was grinding on my Niche and suddenly this flies out and it stops grinding and won't grind. What do I do?

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#2: Post by DaveC »

How old is it?

The photos are blurry and the top one taken from an unusual angle, so it's difficult to know what the parts are, or how large they are. Put a coin or fingers to show scale.

Can you take better photos and a shot inside the grinder (bean hopper off), with burrs in, and removed.

I don't want to guess what the parts are. I'm confused how it flies out of where? There is also a flow control disk to get past.

I'm not.even clear on thether the burrs are even spinning or not ?

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#3: Post by pizzaman383 »

Did the piece come out with the grounds, out the top, or out some other way?
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#4: Post by Lambretta58 »

Looks like a roll pin to me.

If this came out of the discharge chute, take it apart like doing a deep clean, you should be able to spot where it might have come from. If it came from the motor area you have some more disassembly to do.

I really do not remember any roll pins in my Niche.

Good luck.
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#5: Post by SutterMill »

If you haven't already I would contact Niche Coffee at

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#6: Post by ira »

It's a roll pin, it will usually be inserted sideways in a gear, sprocket or pulley through a hole in a shaft so the pulley doesn't spin. Should be easy to locate where it goes if you can get it apart.


#7: Post by DaveC replying to ira »

I don't think it's from a shaft or gear, but there is no idea of scale or whether it's one part or 2 separate parts.

If i had to guess, it could be one part (2 photos) and be the rear right hand side lid retaining pin. The grinders not grinding because the lid is no longer able to fully depress the safety lockout. If it is this, the scrolled end of the pin could be slightly expanded and it pushed back in. The grinder will then work again.

The OP has really given the minimum information possible.

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#8: Post by cafeIKE »

Yup, cover roll pin

Thinking more about it, the plastic hinge joint could be cracked from an overly large pin or robust handling...


#9: Post by DaveC »

Robust handling like this :D


#10: Post by Sean_in_SF »

:shock: Wow!
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