Help! Ceado E37S - crack on burr screw

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#1: Post by bluecorr »

Cleaned the grinder today and noticed a crack on one of the bolts (top burr). I have upgraded SSP Red Speed burrs which I installed last week. Bottom burr took a bit of effort to screw bolts in as tolerance for stock burrs is different but had no issues with top burr. I tightened it well but by hand.

Can anyone recommend where I can urgently buy replacement bolts/screws (I would need them delivered to the UK)? I assume stock ones are best (does anyone know if the screws are a standard size?).

I also assume it would be safer not to use the grinder until I've had a chance to replace the cracked bolt? Grinder seems to be working fine but worry the bolt could come apart any moment and cause more damage... I've attached a couple of photos showing what I believe to be the crack (you can see it on the inside of the screw head too)



#2: Post by nguye569 »

I don't think the screws are a specialty size, you can probably just take it to a local hardware store and match it


#3: Post by thoang77 »

Yeah, like nguye569 said, they shouldn't be specialized. Likely metric stainless machine screw, probably somewhere in the m4 or m5 range if I had to guess. If possible, get some torx head screws but if you must get phillips try to match that extra wide, flat head usable, slot. A regular phillips would could be tough to clean and loosen if it gets filled with old oils and a shallow set phillips bit is a trip to strip city, USA (and no that's not an enjoyable place, despite it's name)