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Postby mdmvrockford » Mar 23, 2019, 8:06 am

Mouth of Helor Flux (i.e. where pour in whole coffee beans).

Mouth of Helor Flux with Orphan Espresso 49mm dosing funnel makes feeding in whole beans easy peasy.
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Postby mdmvrockford » Mar 23, 2019, 8:17 am

Looking at removed bottom end of inner burr (one that moves) of the Mazzer 71 mm conical burr. Oops, forgot to brush it off:(

Picture of bottom of Helor Flux (magnetic catch cup removed and inner conical burr (one that moves) BOTH removed. Crappy camera operator limits views of the 71 mm Mazzer (Robur) conical burr 0186 C.

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Postby mdmvrockford » Mar 25, 2019, 1:11 am

IN THE CUP review of Helor Flux (106) vs Orphan Espresso Pharos v1.1 (has aluminum bolt covers):

* Maybe more depth with the Helor Flux (Mazzer 0186C 71mm conical burrs) vs. the OE Pharos v1.1 (68mm conical burrs ?Italmill brand?). I really can't tell as my palate and vocabulary are amateur-hour at best.
Globally overall: Siskel and Ebert Two Thumbs Up and enthusiastically for the Flux AND for the Pharos.

This is not blinded testing because the espresso machine used is Olympia Express Cremina and I hate drinking cold espresso. It takes time to make consecutive shots on the Cremina as there is no three-way relief valve like on E61 machine. Also I don't like espresso from E61 machine vs. Cremina (former less flavor separation and richness). And I have to cool grouphead after each shot pull from the OE Cremina to get same starting grouphead external temperature 170F.

All other variables same: same tamp pressure, same grinds feel-between-fingers, same initial grouphead start temperature (170F), same preinfusion time, same ramp up time to 3 bar THEN same peak pressure, same declining pressure profile and same brew ratio. I have Gabor's pressure piston rod kit for the Cremina and external grouphead thermometer installed suggested by "erics" post few years back. Around five minutes allowed between espressos to evaluate after taste and then palate cleansed with soft water. Detailed tasting notes taken for each (full amount) espresso consumed. So far I evaluate: acidity, overall taste, individual flavors detected, balance, body, and aftertaste.

Beans used [Chicago's Dark Matter "Get the F#$%& Out of Bed" (4 days post roast) and Dark Matter "Giant Steps" (11 days post roast)] are both new to me. I should have used well known to me Paradise Roasters "Classico" but ran out 3 weeks ago. I chose Dark Matter as in area of their Chicago Mothership cafe visiting friend two weeks ago and then parents in past week. And because I am getting bored of Classico which I have been drinking since 2009. I wasn't planning on getting a new grinder (Helor Flux/106) prior to two weeks ago. Former owner of Flux stated around 10kg used so should (?) be broken in. Pharos v1.1 I have owned since 2013 and have at least 40 pounds beans through it..

* Ergonomics:
Flux preferred by a continent length (not just country mile). This was main reason I was looking for replacement to the Pharos v1.1.
Both have effectively zero retention with use of Ross Droplet Technique. BUT Pharos requires lots more work to get all grinds out (FIXED with Pharos V2.0 or full "voodoodaddy" mods).
Both with no visible clumping. However I Weiss Distribution Technique all grinds b.c. I enjoy making espresso and I make so few per day and b.c. it gets me more in touch with the coffee.

* Speed of grinding:
15.5 grams medium and dark roasted bean: Pharos smacks Flux (OE Pharos 10 seconds or 1.6 grams per second and Helor Flux 55 seconds or 0.3 grams per seconds). I am turning crank arm at speed that on the Pharos visually approximates "Prairiedawg" Kafetek Monolith Conical v1.0 (I have used past five consecutive Chicago-Milwaukee get togethers). I am not turning the handle on the Flux at my usual as fast as possible. Hence 55 seconds required to fully grind 15.5 grams. This time in line with TomC (moderator) review of same grinder.

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Postby mdmvrockford » Mar 25, 2019, 1:22 am



Poor Ms. Orphan Espresso Pharos v1.1. She has been relegated to darkest corner of my espresso corner since Ms. Helor Flux (106) arrived. She was dusted off for this evening's non-blinded test as were my retired Pharos dogs. Hopefully Ms. Pharos v1.1. will find a loving new home. But I may not sell as she holds great sentimental value to me as Dr. Robert Pavlis (R.I.P.) made the aluminum bolt covers (two sets) b.c. "voodoodaddy" sold out and before OE offered metal bolt covers. There were great electronic communications with Dr. Pavlis (R.I.P.). His compassion and intelligence showed in those communications.
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Postby mdmvrockford » Mar 25, 2019, 8:09 am

Any other Helor Flux (106) owners able to compare with other titan conical (e.g. Monolith Conical any version, OE Pharos any version, Lyn Weber HG-1, Mahlgut 68mm conical burr, Mazzer Robur, Mazzer Kony, Compak K10, Doge, etc.)?

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Postby mdmvrockford » Mar 31, 2019, 11:47 am

Many prior posters on TomC separate Helor Flux/106 review thread and also on this thread mention quietness of this grinder.
The Helor Flux Grinder Review

Here are some rough measurements:
64dB measured 3 inches from Radio Shack brand digital sound level meter (fast response, C weighting) and done in a sound isolated home theater room with no running water nor HVAC air flow in early AM (i.e. no background noise except my own respirations which meter could not detect).

Beans ground were George Howell Daterra Brazil medium roast. Grossly w/o spl meter light roasted beans (e.g. Costa Rica) slight louder.

I would like another person to hold the spl meter while I grind at say 4 feet away or grind while usual noises present in kitchen. But unfortunately tester (me) has been labelled dork by teenager daughter of tester. Boss also refuses to partake in such measurements. And I cannot read the spl meter readings from across room when I tripod it. It has no memory function.
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Postby mdmvrockford » Apr 08, 2019, 10:20 am

Any Helor Flux (Helor 106) owners know where to get replacement parts such as gear reduction parts (besides contacting Helor)?

Cost from Helor?
Or are they standard-sized parts (like the original OE Pharos had) that specialty hardware store or online specialty hardware store would carry?

Here is picture of the 3:1 gear reduction mechanism.The Helor Flux Grinder Review

I am asking above so that my future survivors (son and my future grandkids) will have replacement parts IF NEEDED for this heirloom Helor Flux.
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Postby mdmvrockford » Apr 25, 2019, 10:38 am

I have searched internet (e.g. reddit and other forums) for Helor 106 (Helor Flux) alignment tips and nada. Hence this post. I am starting to feel this entire thread is my own echo chamber :oops:

How does one check alignment of Helor Flux/106?
And how does one align the Helor Flux/106?

My best answer so far is to follow "samuellaw178"'s Helor 101 (I also own) recommendations from his unofficial Helor 101 user guide.
I see burr alignment is very important but there is dearth of information on how to check and make alignment for the Helors. I realize reason for the latter is it is not a very popular grinder (based on lack of posts on it on home-barista.com and on reddit).
User Experience: Helor 101 Hand Grinder
Helor Stance

TIP for other Helor Flux (106) users:
TomC mentions in his review one CON is to not to mess with his settings. The Helor Flux Grinder Review I would agree. I have come up with this tip that others may find useful. Need to do BOTH (a) and (b).
TIP is: once you find the setting that works for your particular bean roast and extraction,
(a) take a macro picture of the central spindle thread and count # of visible threads and groove size and write down (see first picture below and apologies for blurriness of the grooves and treads of spindle as I do not have macro lens on my phone camera) AND
(b) take picture of where dot on adjustment knob lines up (see 2nd picture below and for me it is 2nd "z" of Mazzer and right side on 2nd "z").

First picture with poor closeup of central shaft spindle thread and grooves

2nd photograph showing adjustment dial dot on 2nd "z"
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Postby Obsession » Apr 25, 2019, 9:43 pm

Thanks for all the info you've been posting.

I realize reason for the latter is it is not a very popular grinder

Probably true, given this is a very expensive and bulky "portable" and hence quite a niche product. I don't mind the weight and size given I'd be carrying it in a briefcase with my Portaspresso, but I know that would be a deal breaker for my v60 and Aeropress-drinking friends.

However, I'd also add that supply appears to have been very limited. I've been unsuccessfully looking to pick one up for a while now.

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Postby instantkamera » Apr 26, 2019, 10:34 am

So you're the one who grabbed this from the b/s forum while I slept on it. ;)

Good job on the info. I too have a Helor 101 that I have "relegated" to brew duty (with the italmill burrs though, I don't think the "conventional"/Chinese-made are worth a damn). While I do have a Kinu M47 on 'spro now, my interest in this big boy has not waned. Keep it coming!