Height of Ceado's Taller Grinders for Cabinets

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I was wondering if anyone knew if Ceado's taller grinders-e37T, e37K, e37SL-can fit under a 19" cabinet space without their immense hoppers and instead with a short hopper or single dose funnel hopper? How tall are they without the hopper and with a short hopper?

Capuchin Monk

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My Ceado short hopper is about 5 1/2 inches tall from top of the lid down to top of the neck (insert cylinder). My grinder is Ceado 37J (around 57 mm outside diameter of insert cylinder) but you want to make sure the hopper fits e37T, e37K, e37SL.

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#3: Post by naid »

I don't think any of the taller Ceados will fit.

Here is an E37S. It's approximately 12" tall to the base of the hopper, or 16.5" tall to the top of the hopper. This is a modified early tall hopper (cut to size with an aftermarket cap, only 4.5" tall). The cabinet height is 18" in the photo.

According to Ceado's website, the E37T/K/SL models are approximately 4" taller than the E37S, which would put the base of the hopper around 16", so around 21.5" with a typical short hopper.

LewBK (original poster)

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If the taller ones are 16", it sounds like the only thing that might work would be the single dose funnels Orphan Espresso makes?https://www.oehandgrinders.com/oe-short ... nders.html
That's too bad. I wonder how well those grinders work with the funnel.

Capuchin Monk

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Which grinder do you currently have?

LewBK (original poster)

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None of the Ceados yet, but some of the larger ones interest me.

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E37S or E37J will fit under 18" counter headroom. So will other Ceado single dose grinders.