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Hello, I own a Niche zero but I think that the grind size is too fine for pour over, even when using the largest setting at 50. Is this normal and a known problem of Niche ?

I am thinking buying a hand grinder dedicated to pour over only.

From all the reviews I have read online, the one that seems the best are comandante and 1zpresso K plus. There is also the ZP6 but it is not in stock. I tend to prefer the 1zpresso because of faster grinding and external grind size adjustment.

What do you think ? Are there other cheaper options ?


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Similar to you. Niche Zero user for espresso only. Decades of acquiring a shelf full of vintage to contemporary hand grinders. Bit frustrating. Gave in and purchased the 1Zpresso K-Pro. Sale price due to I think 1Zpresso phasing it out of the line up. K-Max would be the alternative. K-Plus with the shaker or whatever dosing cup is another option. Quality build, functional, and delivers a good cup. Price is more or less inline with other quality hand-grinders.
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And while I didn't find it to have the best ergonomics when I played with one, the Pietro by Fiorenzato seems to be getting tagged as possibly the current best hand grinder for pour over:

Pietro by Fiorenzato - vertical flat-burr manual grinders


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For filter it's a none issue, even with light. The problems are massively exaggerated. Also the more you break it in the easier it is, already the limited time I had mine, I can really start feeling it get better and better as I use it.

I really think it's the best for filter and it's right up there with 64mm grinders and is fantastically aligned out of the box, that's more then can be said about an Ode for example.

The only reason not to get it is budget constraints, and of you intend to go backpacking with it or find it a bit too big for carry on luggage, otherwise it's a fantastic filter grinder, to get something similar we are speaking a grinder with MP burrs.

There definitely two annoying issues though instabilities of the base/catch cup and the Lid but it's really the only thing I don't like about the grinder. But instability is only really felt at espresso settings, once you learn how to hold it, it isn't an issue of note for filter.

But if you want something lighter the ZP6 should definitely be a good choice. C40 isn't nearly as good in the cup IMHO, but it's definitely both more affordable and more easy to travel with.