Grindmaster 800 series version of the Bunzilla?

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I was able to snag a Grindmaster 835 for... wait for it... $40. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. It definitely needed some cleaning, but other than that, it works just fine.

I was hoping that there might be some information on a similar mod to the Grindmaster as there is with the Bunzilla, but after a couple hours of searching, I gave up.

My biggest question is if you can swap out the stock burrs for Ditting burrs like you can with the Bunn mod, and if the spacer is necessary. It appears that the burrs on the GM are ghost teeth.

It also looks like you can make it stepless by simply flipping the detent plate around. It's a metal disc that has holes drilled into the top portion, and the bottom half is smooth. I could maybe drill more holes if I wanted more stepped options. My only concern is if the grind settings will hold on the smooth side, or if it'll slip around from all the vibration.

Has anyone tried this? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!