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#1: Post by Arpi »

I am aware of grinders with augers since I already have two

grindmaster 875 ... 5seris.htm
living country mill ... &item=mill

Do you know of any more retail grinders that use augers (for single dose, no hopper type use)?


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#2: Post by shadowfax »

The very-common Mahlkönig Guatemala grinder definitely uses a modest augur to load beans onto the vertically mounted flat burr set.

Source: HB Member dsc's Guatemala restoration photoset on Flickr (photo link).

I believe that augurs are pretty common on retail grinders, but I've only ever seen them on the Robur Electronic among the espresso grinders I've seen (I'm sure there are at least a couple of others that sport them, though).
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#3: Post by another_jim »

Augurs are used on all Bunn grinders. As far as I know, they have to used whenever the burrs are on a horizontal axle.
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Arpi (original poster)

#4: Post by Arpi (original poster) »

Thanks. For the info.

The M. Guatemala auger seems to have a purpose for stirring the beans (not sure). I've looked at the M. EK43 and it seems to have the same operating principle as the Grindmaster 875 but I guess the burrs are much better (even though it says they are plain steel). The auger here "drives" the beans towards the burrs one by one (maybe two), avoiding the popcorn effect.

I am trying to find the best grinder for drip at home :) The Countrygrainmill grinder I already have has huge 127mm size burrs but it is a pain to switch between flour and coffee. The motor is driven at crazy low 50 rpms.

Could it be the EK43 the best style type grinder for me? I am sure there are many other brands with the same design principle and probably same flavor performance at lower cost. I like that simple design and it would not look so ugly (Walmart tower).


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#5: Post by JohnB. »

Considered a Bunn G series? Not as interesting looking as the EK43 but they do a very nice job with brew grinds & are readily available used.

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Arpi (original poster)

#6: Post by Arpi (original poster) »

Thanks John. I heard that the Bunn has some popcorn effect but not sure. I like the EK43 style for home use. Is there any review about its flavor? Maybe a comparison with other types like that one would be nice. I heard the M. Tanzania does an excellent job. Do you think the M. ek43 would have the same flavor?

Maybe it will be easier (and cheaper) for me to buy a second flour mill instead of a coffee grinder. But I'll have first to do some testing to see what flavors I get from the Countrymill and compare it with the other grinders I already have.


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#7: Post by JohnB. »

I use my BUNN G3 every morning for vac pot and/or pour over & haven't noticed any popcorning issue. I'm typically grinding either 20g or 42g portions. The beans are funneled into the auger & quickly drawn through the burrs. Just did a test to double check & there was no noticeable popcorning. I'm happy with the flavors I'm getting in the cup but I've only used a Major & then a B. Vario for vac pot grinding in the past.