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What happened with me is I initially refused to believe that the more expensive grinders produced better results and as I got better and better at pulling espresso shots I found the quality of my early lesser quality grinders were the road block until I finally got a Versalab (early single belt model) and life was good but the experience was short lived because of quality issues.

After getting the Versalab repaired by Terranova a few years ago I have no desire to get another home power grinder and am now satisfied pulling good to fantastic shots with my La Pavoni Europiccola (old un-sleeved 49mm portafilter model with no plastic innards) even the crappy shots still taste good enough and I have not even changed burrs yet. I do have an included set of fancy coated top of the line burrs included that I will use if these current burrs ever wear out.

I am sure the other grinders with top quality control such as the monolith and others are great but I have never tried them and the Versalab design is my cup of tea.

My other grinders that I have used are Mazzer Super Jolly, OE Pharos, OE Lido original, Lido 2, and Lido E various Zassenhaus both vintage and modern, Heller 101 with both burr sets, various quality vintage hand grinders, Sozen turkish mill and other slower turkish mills.

A lot of these grinders are decent quality grinders that produce good grinds but the Versalab that has been repaired by Terranova makes the best tasting coffee in my experience.

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The interesting thing is... what do people who think that by paying twice or triple the amount of a price of a good and solid espresso grinder think that they will get. Is it really the end of the road?

Obviously they will have to to tell themselves (and their wives/husbands) that the price difference gives them everything they've been looking after.

I feel that symptom (after all I am a first son of a machine engineer) but personally, diminishing returns is a road that I do not to want walk too far.

Not anymore.

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Some people do like chasing diminishing returns :?

This kind of like hopping in a car enthusiast forum and asking what's wrong with a Camry (answer-nothing but some ppl want porches)

Side note: A cool thing about coffee as a hobby...especially over the last 5 or so that enthusiasts can afford/have access to truly the top gear. In fact, commercial setups often need to make a number of sacrifices for the sake of scale and practically that enthusiasts don't. Kinda remarkable to think about.


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My family loves giving me grief about my grinder "addiction".

Right off the bat, I'm a piker in this ball game!

I have 2 very good electric grinders, the Niche Zero and the DF64. I have a handfull of manual grinders and one on the way(Arco).

The only one of the manuals I have that is of decent quality is the Timemore Chestnut Slim, and it's mediocre at best.

I have bought and sold several other electric grinders over the years and have one out on a long term loan(I will never get it back).

I would love to have a Kafatek or any of the other end game( :lol: ) boutique grinders, but I likely never will. I just can't justify the price tag when I love the rsults of what I already have.

Everytime my wife or kids bring up my "Problem" I pull up the HB Grinder forum and give them a big raspberry!