Grinder static retention season.

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Weather has turned cold with low RH with the onset of real winter. That is, daytime highs below 0C. Add firing up the wood burning stove to suck more indoors moisture out of the air. I now see coffee fines clinging to the outside of Niche Zero discharge chute. Need to WDT the dosing cup for the coffee to pour cleanly out into the filter basket. Need to carefully open up the 1Zpresso hand grinder even after a light tap. Then take the brush to remove the coffee clinging to the burrs. Back in '00-02 I was offered a position on Maui. But the limited and expensive housing options sort of scared me away. If I took the position. No static issues, but I would probably be living in a tent whinnying about the mossies.
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Every time with the seasons where I grew up too. Dry and cold out and dry and warm inside makes for serious static.

Now having lived in several high humidity regions since I have to say the season change here isn't all roses and dancing. I am getting increased clumping and chute sticking as well with the change. Naturals are worse for this it seems. Wets haven't been much at all.
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