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I would like to know if this is you: ... om-poland/
And if it is, do you have any sort of marketing/financial relationship with the grinder manufacturer or company selling it? If not, I'm all ears.


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There are a few things that come to mind:
- Quick demonstration of standard workflow.
- Nuances in grinding
- Outline of your preferences to give a baseline of what you are speaking from
- Comparison to another grinder/burr set that people are familiar with. ie SSP MP, SSP HU, etc.. these are burr sets and flavor profiles that people are familiar with and therefore it help quantify what the grinder brings to the table. I find comparison to other high end grinders to be less informative as majority of the viewers/readers probably don't have one of them yet.

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tompoland wrote:Disclaimer: I have no commercial interest in the grinder. I'm not being paid for the review, I am not an "influencer". I have no incentive for posting a review other than to give back to the coffee community.
LewBK wrote:I would like to know if this is you...
Me too.
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