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Changing Burrs

These are 3 services that sometimes we need when a grinder is new, and sometimse when its 1 or 5 years old.
For those of us unwillingly to do it themselves, can we expect to find (Assuming we live in or close to a big city) qualified technicians who will do it for a fair price?
If so how much do you think is a fair price for the above services.

For me I need my old Compak K10 cleaned, it has 8 years of service.
I might get a Eureka grinder new I want SSP burrs swapped into.
I want all my grinders including my soon to arrive Mahlkonig to be in perfect alignment.

I appreciate your feedback, oh I live in Baltimore, Maryland incase anyone has a recommendation. I would be willing to drive to Philly or northern Virginia.

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It says in your bio, "Espresso and car repair". Is this something you would not attempt first before seeking help?

You might be able to proceed at least up to the point that you feel you're getting into trouble with no negative consequence.

You might even surprise yourself taking things one step at a time that you can even complete the entire process.
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#3: Post by ira »

I'm not sure there is anyone I'd trust to do that. Aligning a grinder is mostly tedious. Check the alignment best you can, adjust one thing at a time, re-assemble and repeat until you're happy. Changing burrs is reasonably easy, all you need is a needle or toothpick and a brush to clean the slots in the screws and a PERFECTLY fitting screwdriver. Do not attempt with any screwdriver that doesn't fit perfect as the screws get tight and like to strip. And press down enough the bit doesn't slip. And the last part is making sure all surfaces are meticulously clean before assembly. Lint free wipes and alcohol are sometimes recommended.


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#4: Post by Marcelnl »

Agree with Ira! Best get some new screws when getting the SSP burrs, can't hurt to have them around as they strip easily.
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I live 20 minutes from MK USA HQ (well, GH Grinding Solutions now...) so I'd be lying if I said that didn't play a role in the grinder I ended up with, turns out it came in handy when I was boneheaded in reassembly one time and didn't notice I reversed the driveshaft bearing :|


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"a PERFECTLY fitting screwdriver."

Chapman is a good place to get screwdrivers that fit correctly.