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Did someone mention my rice grinder? :)

I will confirm that raw rice can easily clog a grinder, especially when ground in typical espresso ranges. When ground coarsely like french press you're probably less likely to clog, but why risk it?

I have a thrift store La Pavoni PGC conical burr grinder - not used for espresso for many reasons. I tried to use it as a spice grinder and it just couldn't handle the grind I needed for that. Tried to clean some of the spices out with rice and found it to be a decent rice grinder, but raw rice ground fine in the grinder will clog it up. I've had this little thing seize up a couple times, so I avoid fine grinds on rice, and coarser grinds work very well.

I use the rice for "cream of rice" like cream of wheat, oatmeal, grits or whatever. Also makes a good rice polenta. Nice, clean, steel cut rice. Would work good for cutting oats or wheat too I think.
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Should anyone have a Vario W grinder, just be very careful with the black plastic pad which the grinds container sits upon. The weight transducer or load cell is extremely fragile and doesn't like to see more than 300 grams on it other wise it gets bent out of shape and no longer weighs correctly, ever again. Even compressed air can bend it out of shape.
Be forewarned.
But I do use compressed air to clean the bottom burr casing after the top burr has been 'slipped' out.

And I think rice is for pudding, not grinders.


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I have a Vario W grinder. Thanks for the scary information. I've wiped the black tab with my finger a couple times to clean off some grounds--hope it didn't mess it up.

Also, I pull off the hopper and use my vacuum hose to suck out loose particles from inside the burrs and outside it between the casing. Am I at risk of damaging anything doing this? Sometimes the suction builds up and forms a seal if I'm directly over the burr set and I worry I might pull the Burrs apart slightly but I felt that fear was unmerited... then again I also have used raw rice before and touched the black scale so I can't trust my judgement.

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Just out of curiosity, you did depressurize the basket / portafilter on your EC155 right?
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