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Mr vintage 09

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Currently I have a ditting ke640 which I believe is the same as a mahlkonig k30.

I will be picking up a anfim super caimano on demand shortly.

Any one out there experienced both these grinders?

I'm wondering what people prefer, the fast speed of the k30 vs the lower speed of the anfim and bigger burrs.

Keen to hear any info on both these grinders.


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#2: Post by truemagellen »

Larger burrs and slower RPM you will be very happy. It is not single dose friendly if you were looking for that. It isn't bad it is just difficult.

Anfim is also owned by Mahlkonig so you won't be straying very far. Maybe compare it to the Mythos 75mm with 1000rpm is a fantastic grinder.

I think you will be super happy with your upgrade although you were already at an amazing grinder before :mrgreen:

Mr vintage 09

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What I love about my current grinder is that it can grind a double shot in 4 seconds, its relatively quiet too which is a positive.

I'm hoping the lower rpm will give a better taste in the cup.

Previously I had a Macap MXK and although it was a little clumpy it was quite fluffy with large conical burr and very low 350rpm.

I must say the mxk has probably ground the best shot so far.