Grind Size DF83 v2 with SSP Cast Burrs

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I have been using my DF83v2 with SSP Cast Burrs for espresso for several months. Just got a Pulsar and looking to get into filter coffee. Would someone be able to share the grind setting they use for V60 and then more of a batch style brew? Looking to get a recommendation on where to start so I waste less coffee.

I have aligned my burrs with shims and have been between a grind setting of 2 and 6 for espresso depending on type of shot.

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The importance of burr alignment is critical for repeatability. The top carrier has a mark on one ear so that you can always place it back in the same way. Mark the outside of both burrs with a magic marker all the way around. Re-assemble and zero the grinder. Now take it back apart and look where the marker is gone. Top and bottom should be wiped evenly across the whole outer ridge. If the bottom burr has a high spot, check the snugness of the screw/screws on that side. Now back the screw on the other side out 1/8 turn and retighten. This will allow reseating of the burr as it has a silcone "O" ring under it. Causing the low side to raise about .0005 inch. Do the same with the top burr. Remark and reassemble/zero the grinder. Pull it apart again and check as above.
I just put SST-HU Red burrs in my DF-83. Prior to the change I ran from 15 to 22 (depending on beans) for espresso. The SST's are thicker and about 20 numbers higher than to originals. I also replaced the setting label after a day of use. New label goes to 125 so more marks to repeat adjustments.
If you don't want to waste a lot of coffee, and have a iPad, Install Grindmaster, get a dime and a sheet of paper. Grind one bean and see were it came out. Look for 700 to 900 um and you can adjust from there.