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Yes that's true. I was really just talking about the home market - the drivers for grinder purchases in the commercial market are very different.

I've backed the Gevi grinder - I might regret it. Who knows.

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Ursego wrote:For example, I love E61 group because of the flow control device, and (please don't lough!) because I heat the puck screen on it. And yes - I know it's the worse design possible, but love is blind.
Worse design possible in what way? For its ability to come up to temperature quickly and be ready to brew? Or in power consumption? Both of those the design doesn't do well with, but I d disagree on many others.

I'm pretty sure the Gevi will be a decent grinder from looking at the specs. Reliability, warranty and customer service are going to be the big questions thay get answered pretty quickly if it doesn't perform or has issues.

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StoicDude wrote:Worse design possible in what way?
Takes time until it's ready. In my small ECM Puristika it's 15 min which is longer than 7 min in my previous Bezzera Duo DE which had an electrically heated group head with a dedicated PID. However, it's not a big deal for me since I switch it on in the morning just after waking up but always drink the first espresso only after a while (always more than 15 min). Many times, it goes to the ECO mode before I approach it. :lol: