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scottyg514 wrote:Can anyone tell me the advantages of a doser for home use, other than making multiple coffee's?
Not having to hold the portafilter while the machine grinds. Breaking up clumps / improving distribution by "thwacking" the doser handle. Cool sound (see discussion of Pros and cons of doser vs. doserless grinders? and poll).
scottyg514 wrote:What is the use of the little top cage with about 4 bars on it underneath the cover of the doser?(if anything it gets in the way of my chopstick removing remaining grinds in the shoot.
It is to discourage users from sticking things in the grinder, especially their fingers.
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CakeBoy wrote:If by chance it is similar, my setting is just below 4.
I also own a MACAP stepless and use it at about "3-3/4", so there does seem to be some consistency among the factory setting of the numbered ring.
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Note...I believe you can pull off the numbered ring completely and place it one in a different orientation. I think I did that long ago with my stepped base point is at a "1" (when it is pointing directly to the front). It used to be a different # and changed after I did a dissasembly one day.


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One of the first things I did was take out the guard inside the doser. It makes it so much easier to clean the chute and the interior of the doser. I realize that manufacturers have to "idiot proof" their products, but I don't think that I'll get to the point of stupidity where I'll stick something in the chute while grinding. If there were people in the house other than my wife and I, I'd probably have left it in there.
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I've lurked for a long time. I've been trying with no luck to find information on how to remove the finger guard. I cannot figure it out. Can someone explain to me how to do this? Thank you so much. Frustrated in San Francisco.

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For removing the guard in the doser, I used a #1 Phillips screwdriver and a lot of pressure while using my other hand to hold the doser securely behind the area of the screw. The screw is actually not a Phillips, but I couldn't get it to budge using anything else. The guard in the bean hopper will also come out, if the need should arise, but I think it would actually be easier to just take the hopper off to clean it of oils or whatever.
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I'm afraid I don't get it. I don't see any screws. There is a long finger guard which is attached to a
rectangular box. The box has 2 screws which release the cover to the box. Inside the box is an electrical connection. I cannot see how to remove the box or how to remove the finger guard. Even if I could remove the box, the electrical connection obviously needs to be maintained so I reckon the box stays (unless one wraps the connection with electrical tape). I don't see any access to the finger guard connection and to my poor eyesight, it does not seem there is a screw holding the finger guard. It appears to be friction held but I can't get in there. Am I missing something? bronsht

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Anyone with a Stepless Macap may find this mod I posted on CG very useful. ... ers/349880