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One thing about the timer. On the very long Vario thread at CG, I read that the timer may not work well until you break the vario in, after 5 lbs or so of coffee. I am still breaking my vario in, and I am still using a scale, becaue the timer is not consistent enough for me, for espresso. I am hopefull that after a couple more pounds of coffee, that I can just use the timer, and lose the scale.

I am using the timer for drip, I also use the vario for a grinding for a one cup drip machine, and it seems to work fine for that



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Calibrating the Vario with the new calibration screw.

Baratza's first shipment of Vario's (March 2009, serial # 001 to 270) were calibrated at the factory to grind too fine. We then changed the factory setting for the Vario so it could be adjusted fine enough for espresso and coarse enough for Press Pot. Since we made this adjustment at the factory we have had much fewer calibration issues. Beginning with serial #271, Baratza added a secondary calibration screw (2mm Allen head set screw) in a round hole between the discharge chute and the calibration grommet. This calibration screw allows the user to easily adjust the calibration in the finer direction with the grinder running. To make the adjustment, empty all beans from the grinder, lower the Macro and Micro levers all the way to the bottom and run it briefly to expel any partially ground coffee. Press the Manual button and then the Start button. While the grinder is running, raise the Macro arm all the way to the top (Espresso). You should not hear any change in motor speed. Now raise the Micro arm up the midpoint. You should begin to hear the motor slow (or labor a little). If not, use a 2mm Allen wrench to slowly turn the 2mm set screw clockwise (when looking up at the screw) until you begin to hear the motor slow or labor. You are done!

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Since the Baratza Vario has been out for a year now, you'd think that some of the retailers would drop the price of this nice machine. Maybe drop it down to around 325.00 to 350.00 or the price of a Rocky for a after Christmas / New Years sale.


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Gary? Why?!?!? It is a significantly better grinder than the Rocky*, and it continually sells out. Typically, you lower your price only if your product isn't selling well, or if a competitor is about to introduce a new product that will affect your sales.

Baratza has a great grinder in the Vario (aka the Mahlkönig Vario Home), and they will soon introduce a less expensive product (under $300). Why would you compete with yourself?


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EDIT: *In terms of grind quality, the Baratza Vario ($429) is most often compared -- not to the Mazzer Mini ($599) but to the Mazzer Super Jolly at $679 or more. The Vario is already one hell of a deal! Why sell it for less???
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da gino

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Gary, I agree with Jason. This grinder is comparing favorably with grinders that are much more expensive. One reason people love it so much is that it is already priced much lower than it should be based on the in the cup experience. If your product is selling well and is considered the best in its price class and better than anything even quite a bit more expensive why would you want to lower the price? The market is telling them they might be able to raise the price quite a lot if they wanted to, but I hope they don't.


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Baratza wrote: If not, use a 2mm Allen wrench to slowly turn the 2mm set screw clockwise (when looking up at the screw) until you begin to hear the motor slow or labor. You are done!
Thanks Kyra. I will try that when I get home tonight....


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Baratza wrote:Calibrating the Vario with the new calibration screw...
Spent 2 days looking for this. Thanks Kyra!

This is why I buy Baratza.
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Just recalibrated. Boy, that was easy!! It was out by half a turn (180 degrees). I'm out of beans (except for some Kona Peaberry which I'm saving for press pot), so I have no way to try it out right now, but I'm sure that'll make a big difference on the espresso end.

Thanks again.
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Jason, Hugh was just pickin. From what I've read here and other sites about the Baratza Vario it is a good grinder just waiting to get a little extra cash and order one myself. Was looking at in getting a Macap M4 but will put that one on hold for now. After getting the Vario I'm looking at getting a Quickmill Alexia with the PID but that will be some time at a later date.


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Thanks for the info Kyra. I was able to adjust the grinder so I have much more flexibility at the espresso end of the grind. I was able to move down 1 macro step and 5 micro steps. I love this grinder!