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#511: Post by Peter_SVK »

Giampiero wrote:Your "SSP" burrs are completely wrong, they are left rotation while must be right rotation.
The burr are not wrong, they are perfect, just wrong direction (left-handed instead of right-handed) ... :wink:


#512: Post by y33brzk »

Anyone here who can compare the G-IOTA to a Eureka Mignon XL?

It is quite a bit more expensive but I like the design and timer functionality and it also claims to be very low retention (and same flat burr diameter).

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#513: Post by LObin » replying to y33brzk »

A timer is useless when single dosing.

If you wanna alternate between coffees on the spot, the G-iota will do a much better job. (I usually have 2 -3 different coffees going on. 1 for milk drinks and 1 or 2 for espresso and pour overs).
If you wanna change between espresso and other brew methods, the G-iota will do a much better job.

Why? Because even with a low retention grinder, there are still beans and bits stuck in between the burrs (if you use a hopper that is). Changing grind settings means purging or running the grinder while adjusting finer.

If you want to single dose with the Mignon XL, I'm not sure I see the advantage of paying almost twice the price for a grinder that's not designed to SD.

I don't know what other burrs are available for the Mignon XL but the DLC burrs are a nice feature in terms of durability but they have quite a classic teeth geometry. No problem for medium-dark roasts though.
Same goes for the stock G-iota's Italmill. The TIN coated have even longer life expectancy I believe.
The fact that you can fit all 3 SSP 64mm burrs on the G-iota is a big advantage for me.

The Mignon XL is a clear winner if you're looking to use a hopper and if you're looling for a long time proven, trustworthy manufacturer. Haven't read anything negative about the G-iota thus far but both companies track records don't compare.
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#514: Post by Evoh »

keifer wrote:others in another thread have also said these burrs look wrong, thanks for that. much easier solution than a bad grinder. I did order the mazzer burrs so they should exchange or accept them back without issue. looks like the right burr is sold out everywhere though unfortunately
Just installed my SSP burrs. They fit perfectly.


#515: Post by LObin »

This one may interests lots of you here...

I found a funnel that fits perfectly on top of the dosing cup. No more grounds all around my G-iota.

A small addition but a huge difference!

It's a black aluminum 53mm funnel (58mm won't fit). Fits like a glove.
I bought it here: C$ 4.26 30%OFF | Coffee Dosing Ring Aluminum Distributor Handmade Coffee 51/53/54/58mm

I believe it's also available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08SBM57GW/re ... FQ07YQQ1NR
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#516: Post by domes »

You bought the 53 or the 58? The 53 mm size of the funnel fits the inside rim of 58 mm portafilter and hence the cup as well? Would have thought the 58 mm funnel would be the one to purchase?


#517: Post by LObin » replying to domes »

It's the 53mm funnel.

I tried the same model in 58mm as well as a straight wall 58mm funnel and they didn't fit. They're either too tall, too thick or the ID doesn't fit the top of the dosing cup.

The 53mm funnel sits perfectly on top of the cup. There's very minimal play. It doesn't rattle. No more messes around the edges or on your counter top.

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#518: Post by GregoryJ »

I'll try the one from Amazon, thanks for doing the R&D Jonathan!


#519: Post by domes »

Awesome! thank you! Just ordered one.


#520: Post by LObin »

GregoryJ wrote:I'll try the one from Amazon, thanks for doing the R&D Jonathan!
domes wrote:Awesome! thank you! Just ordered one.

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