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Giampiero wrote:Interesting, I'm curious to know if DaveC has got a unit with already seasoned stock ( Italmill) burrs.
Not sure about that or how many shots he's done with it so far.
I can't be the only one checking multiple forums in several languages on daily basis, am I? :lol:

Some additional first impressions from him:
https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/58285- ... ent=822118
https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/58285- ... ent=822187
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Promotional video is up on Homebarista's youtube channel :)

What do you guys think about the plastic dosing cup, I see a lot of complains but personally, I really like that I can see when all the grinds are indeed in the portafilter before lifting it!
It could also help distribute the grinds without risking to spill it when tapping on the side of the PF.
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Plastic cup doesn't scare me. I mean, it's a cup. If it was a $2-3k grinder and it came with a cup like that, sure you can complain like Hoffman (rightly) does. :P
I think the grinder looks solid but will have to see more reviews, actual sales price and just more details. It's definitely the type of grinder I could replace my Manuale with. Folks are bashing on the looks but I personally hate the looks of the Niche, so this isn't any worse.


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Agree on the looks, although not a statement piece, I'd much rather have the G-iota on display than the Niche, which is offensively inoffensive :roll:

I ordered mine in white, just need to wait a few more weeks!
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#55: Post by Giampiero »

In brief, my personal opinions about this DF64 /G-IOTA are positive, for the price that will be sold in EU, is a good deal.
I will not issue rocket science data...but simple facts i saw during the trial.
Here the final destination of this grinder will be more for commercial use than domestic, so i had to approach in a different way.
I suspect will work better with medium light beans, i personally had few issue at the beginning with dark roasted ( a lot of fines and a lot of statics), but only after 4 kg of coffee i saw a great improvement.
In my specific case ( dark roasted, brittle and oily beans) i had to remove the anticlumping plate to reduce the retention, that in a normal routine is average 0,3/0,4 gr.
I even get quite often a zero retention but always with the use of the bellows, without use the bellows i stay within 1 gr ( always without the anticlumping plate.
I never provide for RDT during my trail, i only wanted to see the "real" performance, but once i did i got better result in term of statics reduction.
Sometimes a single bean had stuck on the lower burr carrier, funny that was free to move but was not getting crushed, i think it's simply a coincidence with the beans dimension ( i use a blend Arabica/ Robusta).
To pour the coffee beans I prefer to remove the whole bellows instead of only the bellows lid, is more easy and fast.
Maybe is because my coffee quality or the not well seasoned burrs but i saw that after grinding, there are, not much, but quite noticeable quantity of flakes attached to the beans chute, i don't know if it could be even a "sucking" effect of the bellows once released, so maybe it worth to try to push the bellow without the lid so the hand will not "seal" .
I did had not well result once grinding directly in the portfilter, but again i think it was due to my coffee quality, ( moreover i'm not using the anticlumping plate) in effect i can't properly dose in the portfilter due to some ground dispersion, but i can survive with it, unfortunately my unit was not supplied with the dosing cup, but i used a simple steel jug.
At the beginning i had to regulate the grinds more time than normal, i suspect that the new stock burrs it has producing fines.
As well i got some chanelling at the beginning, but now all is ok.
Replacing the burrs is easy, as well a periodical cleaning of the burr chamber, especially due to the absence of screws, even inside the burr chamber.
The only thing i will change is the ground chute, i will prefer it made in steel, but as i said for this price i can't pretend too much, it's works well, i don't think that reliability, especially for home use, will be a matter.

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It looks like Bella Barista is targeting end of March: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/the-solo ... inder.html


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Anyway for whom interested, i did apply a simple modification ( as photo) and without using the bellows i got only 0.2 gr of retention, with dark roasted, brittle and oily beans.
This is my specific situation as i even removed the anticlumping plate, at the end i decided to keep this "multi names" grinder due to seems getting better day by day, moreover i would like to try not the SSP burrs ( actually it's a sort of too expensive "upgrade" IMO) but a burr with less and more spaced "big teeth".

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Giampiero wrote:Anyway for whom interested, i did apply a simple modification ( as photo) and without using the bellows i got only 0.2 gr of retention, with dark roasted, brittle and oily beans.
Can you explain what/why is this mod, and the material used? I am receiving mine in a month's time and curious how the retention can be reduced further.


#59: Post by Giampiero » replying to zellleonhart »

The reason is probably linked to my own experience with this grinder, i wrote a brief "review" #55.
I used a candy plastic can and a group head gasket with external diameter 72mm



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Thanks Giampiero for the review.
In addition to that, it seems DaveC has been using it daily for months now, and the key points I've noted are these:
- He did some engineering review, and it's good,
- Very similar to the Niche in terms of retention, consistency, exchange,
- it's priced lower than he expected for this quality,
- He ENJOYS using it. Maybe the button placement is less bothering than expected. @Giampiero, what's your view on that button?

I honestly can't wait to receive mine! It should be here in about 2 weeks! :D

https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/58285- ... ent=823533
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