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#411: Post by Giampiero »

About the inner diameter, i can only says that in my DF64, a burr with 37mm inner diameter, can't fit in the lower burr carrier, so definitely will not bring any extra issue.
When i say "can't fit" i mean that the burr it wobbling on the carrier, and only a lucky coincidence will allow a user to fix it aligned...but as it happen to me with the Mazzer 33M, the "impossible" alignment has last 1 grind session.
About the teeth i can only tell you that the stock Italmill has 56 teeth so maybe 72 teeth are for a bigger diameter burr?


#412: Post by LObin » replying to Giampiero »

So 37mm ID won't fit in most cases. Fiorenzato, Mazzer or mysterious K110 burr...
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#413: Post by Giampiero » replying to LObin »

Considering that the inner diameter of 38mm of the DF64 burr carrier is the real "centering" reference for the burr, even if a burr with ID 37mm can fit, due to the different thickness i do believe it will probably have a no good axial alignment at all.
Just my thought.


#414: Post by vrso »

I'm curious if anyone has printed this adjustment guide and tried it on their G-Iota? It looks so much better than the guide that comes stock on the grinder.

I am a little hesitant to pre-order this grinder considering how new it is to the market, but I really feel like this could be the grinder that knocks the P64 off it's pedestal for me.


#415: Post by PartySausage »

I've printed & fitted one of the designs. I didn't have any printable vinyl so I printed on HQ paper, sandwiched it between two pieces of self-adhesive plastic film then used a compass cutter to shape it.
I used a little double sided tape to stick it to the existing scale & doesn't look bad at all to me.


#416: Post by vrso » replying to PartySausage »

It doesn't look bad in the slightest! It looks great!


#417: Post by PartySausage » replying to vrso »

Thank You.

The scale in your post has an error at the 20 marker. I've corrected it with the one I used & also tried to align some of the numbers that were a little offset. Here is a link to the file

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DSTEw1 ... sp=sharing

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#418: Post by vrso » replying to PartySausage »

Thank you! I also wanted to ask if Espresso Outlet was performing alignment tests for the DF64 if you choose to have SSP burrs installed. I'm planning on reaching out to them with a couple of questions, but I know that other vendors are offering this service.


#419: Post by tglodjo » replying to vrso »

Yes, they are. I emailed Joe at EO after reading similar reports and he confirmed he'll be aligning units purchased with SSP burrs.


#420: Post by Bonson »

Just ordered a grinder and it should arrive by the end of May (a lifetime from now it feels like). I opted for stock burrs as this is my first foray into flat burr grinders having come from a Comandante the past year. Hoping that my inevitable upgrade to SSP burrs will come down the line once I've a better understanding of the grinder. Does anybody have any comparisons for the grind produced by the grinder for drip/pourover? I primarily drink light roasts so I'm eyeing the SSP Red speed unimodals down the line but hoping the current burrs can suffice for the time being.