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#321: Post by itamar123 »

Is the DF64 can be used with funnel on the pf when grinding? (and the pf and its place)


#322: Post by mooky » replying to itamar123 »

That's a good question - what is the clearance between Portafilter teeth and the exit chute. (Some funnels are taller than others)

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#323: Post by naturalganja »

I am surprised by the reported popcorning with the stock burrs, I really don't have that issue nearly as much. That being said, I am entirely using light and light/medium beans, seems like higher density helps, would make sense.
But reading that some people have had a bean popping around for a long while (more than let's say 1-2 seconds) has most definitely not happened to me so far, and I grind directly into a cup that I hold under the chute so it's not like if I could have "missed" it somehow.


#324: Post by itamar123 »

just got mine. Will write impression after weekend. Decenet Espresso Tall Funnel does not fit for this grinder.
I didn't get the dosing cup. I heard that some ppl got magnetic funnel with the grinder? I didn't get it either.

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#325: Post by GregoryJ »

No cup? Where did you order it from?


#326: Post by cjhacker23 »

Bummer that the Decent funnel does not fit the forks-although I'm not surprised, as the funnel is designed to be flush with the inside of the basket and covers the portafilter ears. It doesn't fit the Kafatek forks either.

I have this grinder on order and was wondering if anybody has removed the forks altogether. Is it easy enough? If so, I think that's what I'd do. I'm planning on just holding the portafilter over the spout and dosing that way. Doesn't seem like much of a hardship, especially if I were to eventually get redspeed burrs, which grind faster. What do others think?


#327: Post by Johnscorps »

Hey all,

I'm glad to see that there's some discussion ongoing about a flow control/anti-popcorning disk.
I've been testing the grinder for V60 drinks and found that the setting was at about 90 marker. Unfortunately, it seems that I frequently end up with quite a lot of fines at the top of the coffee bed at the end of the extraction.
After a bit more testing, I noticed that feeding the beans slowly into the grinder helps with reducing fines and boulders, making a more uniform grinding. So I do think that a flow control disk would be very helpful, if the 1400 rpm isn't causing issues...
What alternative would there be if the disk doesn't work? Maybe some kind of descending spiral with a wider opening on top that would guide the beans down slowly, difficult to explain what I'm thinking with words...

I've also mentioned my findings with Homebarista's team in Belgium and asked them if they would be able to design some improvements for flow control. I don't necessarily expect them to find a fix, but I certainly hope so :D

Is anyone having similar findings with grind consistency when doing pour-overs? or even with espresso grounds?
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#328: Post by Jonk »

If you don't have the SSP unimodal burrs then that's the root of the problem. A simple flow control disc can help a bit, but from my experience with Niche's disc it's nowhere near as good as a real slow feed. If you have a hand grinder already you could try this approach: Regrind technique for light roast espresso - sweeter, less grassy & earthy. Fewer fines? for a more convenient and perhaps superior way to feed slowly.


#329: Post by Johnscorps »

Yes, SSP Unimodal is definitely in my scope since I'm mostly drinking light and medium roast espresso and pour-overs, but I'm waiting until more people test it, as it's quite a significant price increase.
Edit: And by more people, I just mean when James Hoffmann will release the G-iota review, since he seems to be testing it with SSP unimodal specifically :D

James Hoffmann's regrinding technique did cross my mind, and I'll try it for sure, but I don't want it to become my daily routine workflow, as it's a quite fussy method, and I'd still need to control the grounds flow for consistency.
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#330: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

Anyone with the grinder, can you put a Niche dosing cup in the portafilter forks? The plastic cup is nice but it seems like a static magnet.

Also anyone dosing into a portafilter with a tall funnel. It seems that the chute is quite far away right now and so trying to close that gap would be good so that chafe doesn't fly everywhere.