G-IOTA / DF64 espresso grinder

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#1: Post by yoshi005 »

homebarista.be (Belgium) will launch a 64mm flat burr single dosing grinder in spring this year. It is made in China and SSP-burrs will fit.

Pre-Sales starts next week for 399 EUR.

More information (non-English) can be found here:
https://www.koffiepraat.nl/forum/viewto ... =8&t=11137
https://www.kaffee-netz.de/threads/g-io ... is.136002/

It will be interesting to see whether that grinder will meet the requirements for unimodal grinding.
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#2: Post by Rytopa »

I just took delivery of the iota grinder aka df64 grinder. Will playing with it more later. First impression is it is definitely beefier and heavier Vs the niche. Built quality is very impressive at this price range. I currently am running the stock burrs, which is most likely standard super jolly espresso burrs.


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How did you purchase it?


#4: Post by Rytopa »

Thru a distributor in my region.


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So, we have three distributors so far, one in Belgium, one in Poland, and one in Singapore, interesting.

Do you have a link to your distributor's website? Do they have a more complete spec sheet?

yoshi005 (original poster)

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Someone has posted a test in the Polish forum: https://forum.wszystkookawie.pl/index.p ... #msg221498
(can be translated by Chrome)
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It looks like a Ceado E5SD got style advice from the Lagom P64.

Great price for a 64mm single doser though. That's comparable to a used and modded super jolly.


#8: Post by Peter_B »

Does anyone have the distributor info for within China?

Am thinking of buying it and getting it sent via freight forwarder.


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Another test here a little down the page:

https://www.espressoman.ro/forum/Thread ... 0%E2%82%AC

Plus a video showing the burr carrier and the burr chamber, any thoughts?

yoshi005 (original poster)

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Preorder from the Belgian Distributor has started recently: https://homebarista.be/shop/products/pr ... iota-zwart
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