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#941: Post by southillsbrewguy »

Great, thank your for the picture as well. I'm interested to measure mine just to see what that tells. I am glad to hear your new unit is better aligned. I went back to work on mine tonight just to see what a 2nd attempt would result in. I cleaned it out thoroughly and I used reynolds heavy duty aluminum foil to cut shims. With 4 at the 12 position (top) and 3 shims at the 4 position (bottom right) I was able to get a 100% clean wipe. So that was surprising to me in a good way! It is certainly better than it was out of box so all I can think of is that it took a couple pounds of coffee run through it for it to settle in. So I guess i'll run another few bags through and do one more check after that.


#942: Post by spopinski »

I've found that multiple light tap on the lid with bellows resulting in even lower retention. I think that it reduces the compacted powder on the inside opening. I'm gonna use this method for a week or two without cleaning and see the result. Weighing in and out now is always within 0.1-0.2 grams plus or minus with multiple light taps.

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#943: Post by EspressoNick »

Hi all,

Im looking to purchase the DF64 but am unsure which burrset I should go with. It's a $50 CAD upgrade for the titanium burrs. I had read that you only get more longevity by going titanium coated but just how long do the standard burrs last for home use?

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#944: Post by Jeff »

Baratza calls it 500-1000 pounds for their steel burrs I'm guessing similar for the DF64. I usually pull two shots a day, 18 * 2 * 365 is about 13 kg per year or about 30 pounds a year.


#945: Post by EspressoNick »

oh jeez, ok so we are talking a decade + atleast. I'll probably have a new grinder by then lol


#946: Post by olutheros » replying to EspressoNick »

you can also always drop in SSP burrs, which is an upgrade taste-wise (and rated for a few thousand kilos) so it feels like there's not much reason to pay more for the stock italimills just for lifespan
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#947: Post by Jonk »

Some time before that decade is over, the burrs might not be performing at their very best anymore depending on how much you grind. Many coated burrs also come a bit pre-"seasoned" so they'll be performing at their best a bit quicker. All in all though, I'd probably save on the investment on TiN coated burrs and spend it on SSP or whatever burrsets might be available years from now when the original burrs start to get a little worn.

Even after 500+ pounds chances are the original burrs will still work OK for most people, especially those who are not too picky.

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#948: Post by TeKopp »

Am I the only one who's been unsuccessful in shimming and aligning the upper burr. For one, the placement of shims on the upper burr carrier is super small, feels really sketchy :S

For that matter, it usually feels like the upper burr carrier is momentarily "skewed" when adjusting the grind setting, I can hear the burrs touching when adjusting the grind size sometimes.

EDIT: Reseated the rubber tubed springs that supports the upper carrier and reseated the lower burrset, that seems to have done the trick. Something was definitely wrong before, the point at which espresso-brewable grinds is produced shifted back 5 at least 5 points on the dial and non stalling v60's at 10-15 clicks down. The big issue with a grinder like this is really how finicky YOUR specific grinder can be, mixed bag indeed


#949: Post by cmin »

So I've been trying to dial in and honestly this grinder sucks, my 10yr old Vario I keep around as a baseline blows this thing away let alone other grinders. I even aligned damn near 100%. What's confusing though is seeing others grind settings even aligned, I'm at like 25-30 and that's still too fine yet channel's and gushes like crazy, going finer even on 20g dose completely chokes BDB in slayer/pre mode.

So I have no idea what's wrong or what I'm doing wrong. I knew it though, even told buddy watch I'm going to get this grinder and somehow it's going to be awful vs everyone elses experience, facepalm spot on lol.

Pulling a natural Harrar and it's beyond terrible with this, Vario and others are fine.


#950: Post by LObin » replying to cmin »

This doesn't sound right. It's a fairly easy grinder that only needs 2 or 3 small 3d printed parts to enhance the user experience.

What burrs do you have in your DF64?
What alignement method did you use? Did you run the grinder or turn the nut manually?
Did you modify the clump crusher? Is it working properly?

I had the stock Ti burrs and now the MP's in my DF64. Espresso grind settings for both is averaging between 7 and 17 from chirping point, for 16g to 22g doses.

Even if the workflow on my Niche Zero is somewhat better, I still prefer the results I get with the DF64. Stock burrs and MP's. It's a personal preference of course but I assume it should easily be just as good, if not better than your Vario.
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