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#701: Post by mtbizzle »

Does anyone recognize that sound, while the burrs are spinning?
Manually spinning the lower burr, sound seems correlated with the chute / clump crusher / chute screws: https://streamable.com/sn9far

Notably, the impellers do not seem evenly spaced from the lower burr? That is, there is a varying gap between the burr/impellers, see varying depth tool can be inserted.

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#702: Post by DamianWarS »

Noboundries wrote:I approve of the update on the text and adding the ranges, but it's a pretty big mistake to not have the scale rap all the way back around. Especially for those that are swapping their burrs that was kind of a necessary fix, if your having the manufacturer print you a whole different scale, why not fix the actual problem with it?
the coarest end of scale is coarser than I want with the Italmil burrs, I can't speak for other burrs but I would be surprised if it wasn't the same with any other burr. You could custom print a sticker for pretty cheap if it's important to you, or pop the whole plate out and get a custom one. I get the desire is to want it to go all the way and maybe there is purpose to it so you don't get confused and set it under 0 and damage the burrs. for those buying this scale would probably know the difference and they could have just made it red or some extra color to remind you. the warning/blank area looks like it takes 1/4 of the scale which is better than the NZ which takes probably has 1/3 of the area unused. I'm sure the NZ served as part inspiration for the design process and it might be why it's the way it is.

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#703: Post by maxmaut »

How would this grinder compare to a used Mahlkonig k30? They seem to go for 450-500 usd where I live, so very similar pricing tier/burr size.


#704: Post by LObin » replying to maxmaut »

Not sure how they would compare in the cup since the burr geometry is not the same. The SSP HU seem like the closest match to the Ditting K30 burrs.

As for workflow, they are pretty much at the opposite side of the spectrum. The least we can say is that these two are not direct competitors...
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#705: Post by naturalganja »

heytchap wrote: The mfg is making a new anti-popcorn "device."
Do you know what it looks like and if it is available for purchase?

And lObin, yes Cafune will have all the SSP listed as soon as his shipment arrives. Justin is keeping me updated but it is taking much much longer than he thought!


#706: Post by krakatau » replying to naturalganja »

I just placed an order from alibaba directly. I am in Montreal as well I'm sure I will eventually upgrade the burrs, do you know if Cafune have a real physical store I can walk in? They don't mention any address that I can see on them web site.I'm tired of buying everything on line!




#707: Post by LObin » replying to krakatau »

Salut Pierre! Félicitations pour ton achat!

I believe Cafune is an E-store only. I could be wrong but it doesn't look like they have a storefront.
I'm sure you'll love your G-iota! It doesn't require much modifications to become a wonderful performer.

It's worth checking the alignment and shimming for optimal results (or just to sleep soundly!).

I strongly suggest getting a funnel for the dosing cup. I got a 53mm black aluminum funnel from Aliexpress (also available on Amazon). Perfect fit.

A 3D printed pointer and anti-popcorning funnel are easy upgrades.

Amanda offered to help "ease" the custom and duty fees. Ask her if she hasn't already. You probably already know how painful it can be to deal with UPS in QC...

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#708: Post by DamianWarS »

LObin wrote:A 3D printed pointer and anti-popcorning funnel are easy upgrades.
do you happen to have and linked examples of these 3D printed upgrades?


#709: Post by jacob_caller »

Here is very useful site with everything related to this grinder.
https://www.notion.so/DF64-G-iota-Repos ... 1d3959f360
You can find all 3d things in there.


#710: Post by ZombiEE »

Does anyone know size of the screw that holding the burr? Thanks.