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Jonk wrote:On closer inspection of the pictures - is that TiN coating scraped off perhaps?
Yeah, arrived with a ring around the lower burr where the TiN coating was back to bare metal. A few flakes of metal around the place in the grinder too, and a bit of a mark on the top burr.


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Ouch...i just re-check the photos, definitely a real aggressive marker test!!!
So the Tin burrs were not already installed once you got the grinder but somebody did a marker test previously?

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Giampiero wrote:Ouch...i just re-check the photos, definitely a real aggressive marker test!!!
So the Tin burrs were not already installed once you got the grinder but somebody did a marker test previously?
I bought two grinders. Either to run the italmill for espresso and SSP for filter, or if I can live with one grinder/burr set then I'll donate a grinder to a friend. So I got one TiN set and one normal. The TiN came fitted, but in my opinion broken. So I've kept the non-TiN burrs for espresso and swapped the TiN for SSP.

So word of warning for dealing with gluons/speedy3d. This is apparently A-OK.
hi these are not damaged.

These are factory trying to aligned and test fit the burr sets. it's not visible on the itamil stainless steel burrs because the polishing when the 2 burr touches is not visible. However, on the titanium coated burr it is visible. The flat part of the burr is not responsible for any grinding action as well.


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"hi these are not damaged" then finishes with "The flat part of the burr is not responsible for any grinding action as well"

I read that as them acknowledging that it is damaged but they dont think it matters lol.

I definitely didn't notice a ring around my non-tin burrs. So I would imagine they aren't always that aggressive. But yeah that's kinda rediculous that the gluons wouldn't do anything about it.

If you are going to resell Chinese goods, you need to do qc, that's why people buy from you instead of Alibaba. And if you don't do qc, at least offer refunds and replacements when people notice damage lol, CY is doing a lot on his YouTube channel to hopefully improve this grinder. But it sounds like I wouldn't want to buy one from him.

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I just got this grinder and out of the box im pretty happy with it and can't say I agree with JH's general "meh" sentiment. It came with two extra rubber sleeves for the PF forks which I put at the bottom (oob only the top had them) and I haven't had an issue with the PF coming out (DE1PRO stock PF). It's not perfect for retention even with the bellows and I feel like I can push forever and stuff keeps coming out. In Indonesia it's marketed at the "IMPRESSO Push" but comes with a DF64 documention. I know there are some mods for the silicon declumper but it's very simple to open up and get to the insides so very easy to deep clean. I suspect JH is at a point in his life where the little things matter like the placement of the button or type face of the adjustment wheel and his OCD for those things makes the experience not enjoyable. I get it, I paid about USD $350 for it with italmill burr set and JH's thoughts aside I'm quite happy.


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It seems there are at least some cosmetic updates on the latest batch of DF64s (slated to reach the US early July due to the global shipping issues, e.g. the same issues constraining boba and microchip supply). On some update pics from the US distributor, we can see a few updates. Firstly the font seems to be better, much less tacky. There are also labels for the general range of filter (and I assume espresso blocked from view). And lastly is the big Turin logo on the side of the machine.

Does the collar seem taller as well? It might just be a trick of the camera.

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FYI, it looks like EspressoOutlet (US Dealer) is taking pre-orders for the next batch.... $449 / free shipping. Estimated 6 weeks production plus freight time, so I'm assuming over 2 months to get it. https://www.espressooutlet.net/

BTW, I had signed up to be notified when the pre-order starts, but I didn't get any email yet...

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#698: Post by luvmy40 »

Thanks for the heads up!
Just orderd one with standard steel burrs.


#699: Post by Noboundries »

I approve of the update on the text and adding the ranges, but it's a pretty big mistake to not have the scale rap all the way back around. Especially for those that are swapping their burrs that was kind of a necessary fix, if your having the manufacturer print you a whole different scale, why not fix the actual problem with it?

I think the logo isn't the ugliest thing, and it looks like they put it on the back so kudos to them!

I bought mine off Amazon in the us for $525 with steel burrs after taxes and expedited shipping ($25). I've ran maybe 1.5-2lbs through it and I still find my filter coffee to be really muddy.

It's my first flat. How long does it take to season these burrs? Or do I need to shim it? I need to buy a marker and test for sure but can alignment even cause this or does it still just need seasoned?

Thank you.


#700: Post by Sooster »

mikelipino wrote:Soorya, how's the pairing of the DF64 with Unimodal burrs and the Robot? Have you pulled any shots of varying roast levels? And how have the shots pulled and turned out? Sorry for all the questions, you'll be me in about a month when I get my DF64! Except I'm starting with the Italmil burrs. I assume it will be a step up from the 1ZPresso conical I'm currently using, and it will give me time to decide whether to go with unimodal burrs for light roast espresso + pour over or high uniformity for more classic and pressure profiled espresso.

Oh and I believe the stock clump crusher is silicone, right? Should fit right in.
I actually have the high uniformity burrs. Been liking it so far, though have to grind pretty fine (often in the 3-5 range from burr touching point) while also dosing fairly large (18g). Given the faster flowing nature of a unimodal burr, I wonder if this could help tame light roasts on the robot with the increased heat retention. The robot basket has been great for turning and dosing very evenly with the DF64 though.

I agree with the label still not being ideal. I wonder when someone will sell a new sticker.