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#1501: Post by Giampiero »

Never ever try this if you are not sure what are you doing, moreover my grinder ( DF64) motor is at 230 volt 50hz and was a grinder unit released on October 2020.
Brief story, many months ago i installed a simple toggle switch on the right side grinder case, instead of the original button, so i removed even the electronic board, i was not interested in the timer functionality.
Today i can say that the motor never ever showed the warming behavior as showed with the original configuration, i do regularly grinds 3 consecutive doses 17gr. each.
Previously i really not paid attention to this fact, but in the last few weeks i realized that, so i did "monitor" the grinder case after every grinds session, basically remain at room temp at least by touch.
A simple coincidence, illusion, or there could be some reason linked to the board circuit design?
Honestly is more a curiosity than a real interest, i would not back to the original configuration since i lost the electronic board :lol:


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I'm facing a consistency problem with my DF 64 and since it's more than 1 year old, I swapped my SBE for a Lelit Bianca in the meantime and pulled hundreds of shots, I think now puck prep can't be blamed, so the last variable is the grinder!
I've pulled hundreds of shots with it with the SSP HU burrs and yes, I do WDT and RDT.

My last 6 pulls without touching the grinder of a medium-light roast for the same machine temp (Lelit Bianca) dose (19.5) and yield of 38gr:

I noticed that I can get a ~4 grind setting change if I press up the upper burrs carrier. Look at this video how the point the burrs can can change by doing it. If during grinding this happens it can be the culprit.

https://media.discordapp.net/attachment ... G_7199.mov

Any help?
Thank you!


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Hi All was searching thru this thread to see if anyone was just using their df64 stock and their experience.
I purchased the df64 last June, believe it is a v3 unit. Came with the metal grind setting pointer.
This is my first grinder besides a manual hario I used to grind for aeropress for years. I am using the standard italmil burrs and mostly grinding for espresso, medium roast traditional style blends. I haven't done anything to the grinder other than adjust the plastic tubes on the springs and check alignment. Marker test in the best of the 3 possible stock carrier positions was better than 75%.
After almost a year of use I'm wondering if the grinder is a source of some inconsistencies. As the last poster noted the shot time can vary a fair bit from shot to shot with no change in grind setting or bean. I suspect this may be mostly caused by channeling. I have tried many workflow variations for puck prep but have settled on grind into dosing cup, bellow at end of grind, transfer to portafilter, wdt, and tamp. Is the inconsistency puck prep related or could the grinder be having an impact?

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#1504: Post by Jeff »

If you use the bellows while grinding, you likely move the burrs.

There is quite a bit of retention if you don't remove the declumper and potential "regrinding". The retention can impact shot quality significantly when it mixes old grinds with new, such as the first shot in the morning. Even with the declumper removed, there is still significant retention if you don't used the bellows, even with RDT. I don't know how regrinding might impact shot-to-shot variability.

Making large changes in grind size, such as espresso to filter, can dislodge the ring of stale grinds in the chamber. If you do that kind of change, I'd blow out the chamber with the bellows before running fresh beans through the grinder at the new setting.

As the previous poster noted, the design of the adjustment collar leaves a lot to be desired. There are other design and execution problems with the DF64, but it is a $500 grinder, not a $1,500 grinder. As long as you get lucky and have one that can be aligned (or have a vendor who supports you in getting there), its alignment is good at close to touch (though may be wildly off at 1/4 or 1/2 turn) and provides one of the least expensive ways to spin 64 mm burrs.


#1505: Post by BKH »

I use the stock DF64 V2? I have aligned it with a few shims. Not a perfect alignment. I don't have dosing inconsistencies with mine and I use the grinder with a similar workflow to you. I assume you are weighing the grind before and after for consistency but you don't mention that.


#1506: Post by Coffee_hound »

I weigh the dose in and occasionally check weight out. I tried grinding without bellows for a while as I had read it reduces the fines. I found without bellows I would lose 0.5g to retention consistently. I adjusted the weight of beans in to compensate. I would use the bellows to purge out as much retention between doses and just discard. Doing this didn't really seem to improve results in the cup so I stopped doing this. Now I bellow at the very end of grind with grinder still running into the dosing cup. Doing this I find I consistently lose 0.1g or less to retention.
When looking for grinders I wanted something that could grind for any method. I occasionally grind for aeropress or drip. I generally find large changes in grind setting to be repeatable ( ie the time to pull a shot is within the typical variance I see even when not changing grind setting). Originally I was planning to get a Baratza Vario but from late 2021 to 2022 they were just not available (in stock). The reviews of the df64 and generally solid build convinced me to go with it instead of waiting for a Vario. Now I'm wondering if the Vario would have met my needs better.
Since getting the grinder I have been trying a lot of different coffees. Since I pretty much never stick with the same coffee for more than 2lbs if seems I am always dialing in a new coffee. This is also likely contributing to my consistency challenges