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#1391: Post by ckboon »

Over the weekend I bought a DF64 with SSP HU burrs and some mods to replace my old Mazzer Mini-A that was driving me nuts with the irregular retention (sometimes more, sometimes less).

The shop installed the SSP HU burrs, and mods (declumper, anti-popcorn, and dosing cup adaptor) but he didn't have the 10 degree tilted base. So for now, I'm happily grinding away without the tilt base.

I would like to add the tilt base later, partly for looks, and partly for functions like tilting the top more towards the user.
But does it help in grinding and retention?
Will it affect the burrs alignment?

I don't like the metal grind indicator. The screw can scratch the tube, and the pointer's edges are quite sharp.

I decided to use my existing stainless steel dosing cup over the plastic cup. Adding a stock rubber E61 gasket (8.5mm thick) to the dosing cup allowed me to place the dosing cup closer to the exit chute.

Removing the o-ring from the bellow's cover making it easier to put/remove the top cover. Otherwise it's sticking to the silicone bellow.


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Hi all, I posted this also on another thread about lubricating the adjustment collar and am hoping this DF64 thread will encourage additional support.

I was getting burnt flavors no matter what grind and dose, so I decided to check the burr alignment. While tweaking the alignment the collar "grit" became an issue the more I got to the zero point. I don't know how big the issue is with the collar threads, but I'm pretty sure the collar grinds a lot at the top of the burr carrier.

This video explains it except that I lubricated as he said, and now it's really really hard to turn the collar. I used a food-safe silicone grease, which may or may not be a problem. Dunno.
Thanks for any advice!


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The aluminum is pretty soft, so perhaps the threads have been damaged a bit (I'm not gonna say 'ruined" as in that video). It might be prudent to remove the collar and take a really-really close look at the threads, looking for ragged, bent or broken portions. I run a toothpick around the threads as a way to feel out any rough parts. Bad spots can be removed (carefully!) to get the threads mating smoothly again.

I'm not an expert on food safe lubricants, but I've noted some claim to be 'anti seize' - that doesn't mean everything else is 'pro seize', but that might be appropriate for fine-pitch threads cut into aluminum.


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Thank you!
that sounds very helpful.


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i used food safe lubricant.
note the threads are very fine, so its easy to overload the grease.
too much and it'll be hard to turn as you go nearer to 0 point.
i got good sliding with very minimal tissue wipe of grease. any more and it becomes too resistive.

i'd also suggest using woodpick to clean the threads of grounds, simply wiping isnt gonna remove those fines. again thread are soft, the collar should easily slided into the thread and spins freely.
jefegold wrote: This video explains it except that I lubricated as he said, and now it's really really hard to turn the collar. I used a food-safe silicone grease, which may or may not be a problem. Dunno.


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I just want to add that I had an email exchange with Espresso Outlet and they have been extremely helpful. I'm very grateful to have this community to learn from, but it's also nice to have such excellent customer service from the original seller.


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Seconded about Espresso Outlet. Remarkable service from them on my recent DF64 purchase. Originally was looking used but they got it for the same price as most people who bought early are selling used.


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Are there metal 3D printed portafilter forks taking into account of the 10deg tilt base? I don't think 3D printed plastic and a hot portafilter will be good/healthy.

With the 10deg tilt base, the stock portafilter forks are not parallel to the table any more meaning the portafilter will definitely slide out. The 10deg tilt base moves the top closer to me which I like but it created 2 issues. The switch is now even more obscured and the portafilter forks pointing downwards by 10deg.


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I heard from
CY (caffe martella singapore) that there is df64 v3. has any body saw or own it. he mentioned oring under the top burr to prevent coffee ground buildup. i wonder what else is different?

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#1400: Post by Jeff »

The "v3" has shipped with the May/June batch from Espresso Outlet. From what I understand of previous models, the changes include o-rings under the burrs, a slight improvement on the burr-mounting surface on the floating carrier, and inclusion of a metal pointer for the grind scale (at least when purchased through Espresso Outlet). Apparently "v3" caught on so that it is now being used by some of the retailers, even if the changes are not very significant.