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Happymonday wrote:My zero point is at around 04:00, which seems very unusual to me. I have the SSP HU burrs and my espresso is typically between 9 - 15. Pour overs, which i don't have much experience with, is around 60. Aeropress has been at around 30.
looks about right?
im at 2oclock zero as well with either ssp mp or cast.
6oclock zero with stock.

grinds are much differrent.
1-4 cast, 60~ brews, more uneven particle at coarse.
9-12 mp, 50~ brews, more even particle but muddy bed.
16+ stock, didnt bother brew, about or atleast 80+, muddy and not so even.
for brew 1zkpro is much cleaner taste and has best even particle size and cleanest bed, also uses every bit of grounds (true zero retention), i didnt find it worthwhile to try further. i also skip bellow for brew since the dusts makes things more inconsistent. ymmv.
i use v60 kasuya method.
mmartins wrote:Hello,

Do they ship the df64 with the burrs installed and the added price is for the installation? If that's the case, are they so hard to install to make it worth the added 60€?

Thank you!
test done on same day. its not hard to replace the burrs, and after finding correct orientation, all my burrs are very much closely aligned with marker tests. but if u need to shim, its gonna take quite awhile and lots of try and test. just be careful about de-threading the collar. its fiddly and quite easy to miss the thread when screwing it in.

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So I got mine now (from bohnendealer.coffee), with the TiN coated Italmill burrs. 0 position is exactly at the front, where the indicator line is below the dial:

But there's no other indicator in the box.

The declumper, while it miiight be thinner, more flexible than in the past, is also still just that silicone rubber thing with the star cut into it. So if they "improved" something, it wasn't groundbreaking (haha, breaking grounds :D)

Also, while the silver version looks like it has brushed aluminium on the outside in some of the promo shots, that isn't the case. It's still just a silver (plastic foil) wrap.

Also, you may want to open your new DF64 up before using it for the first time. There was aluminium dust residue from machining in some of the pockets around the grind chamber, and many sharp edges and burrs (haha, burrs. I swear, I'm not doing this on purpose!) on the body's parts, very little cleanup as far as I can see. They seem to be cranking them out at high speed.

Mine also has a beauty mark on the bean funnel, but since it doesn't negatively impact the grinder's performance, I ignored it:

Satisfied with its performance so far otherwise, it's still as static for coarser grind settings as it ever was, it's all in all what I expected.

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FWIW, Espresso Outlet (US) delivery arrived and it comes with a metal indicator installed. There is an o-ring under the upper burr (I haven't checked the lower burr) and another one that "seals" the upper carrier to the lower housing (which may not be a change from previous versions).

The thing with SSP MP burrs is very loud, 89 dBA (NOISH SLM) at roughly head position when grinding a medium-light Kenyan. I don't own a Sette, so I can't make that comparison. My Bentwood is around 72 dBA.

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Yeah that must be the V3

And yeah, SSP MP burrs scream like a devil, that's normal


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Jeff, could you post a photo of where the o-ring is under the upper burr? Is it sealing the outer or inner circumference?


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I was also quite surprised by the sound of the SSP Multi-purpose burrs at first. Definitely one of the worst sounding burrs I've heard. Even more so on light roasted dense beans.

When I put some Food Friendly burrs back in my DF64, just for the sake of it, it was night and day. You can grind in a nursery with the FF/DF64 combo.
High Uniformity are also much better sounding/quieter vs the MP's.
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Tried using the 10 degree tilted base for my DF64 but keeps on moving as the grinder vibrates. Any recommended anti-slip stickers for the bottom of the tilted base?


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maybe try some of these?
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001 ... 1802N5tzI2

Super tacky and sticky. That's what I use to mount bookshelf speakers to their stands with --- sandwiched by gravity between two flat surfaces. Speakers don't want to go anywhere at all any more.


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j_bravo14 wrote:Tried using the 10 degree tilted base for my DF64 but keeps on moving as the grinder vibrates. Any recommended anti-slip stickers for the bottom of the tilted base?
I printed my 10 Deg. base with TPU and it doesn't move at all. You could try getting some of the rubbery drawer liner and cutting a piece to fit under the base.


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I just bought a df64 with unimodal burrs but I'm having issues with pulling good shots for my milk based drinks. Lattes just end up tasting like milk with really weak coffee notes. I'm currently trying a 1:2 (18 in 36 out) ratio with 30 second extraction time but not having much luck. Wondering if anyone could recommend some better settings for more flavor in the cup.