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#1351: Post by Grrr »

My hopper is dead thanks to the rats.
Any idea where I can find a replacement in EU? (Homebarista.be is out of stock)

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#1352: Post by Jeff »

Double-check the dimensions, but I believe they are available through AliExpress and similar. "Grinder Press And Blow To Clean Up The Remaining Powder Of The Grinding Disc Small Bean Bin Coffee Grinder Powder Outlet" or similar from a dozen or more vendors, when I bought one.


#1353: Post by Primacog »

I have been so pleased with the value proposition of the df64 that just placed a deposit for a second df64 to house the ssp lab sweet cast burr set this time. The cost benefit ratio of a df64 for me has to be unbeatable - $480 for the df64 inclusive of ssp unimodal burr set aligned by the distributor!
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#1354: Post by Xega » replying to Primacog »

Where are you finding it for $480 with the SSP burrs?


#1355: Post by Primacog »

The Malaysian distributor J Coffee

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#1356: Post by Giampiero »

Here in Thailand cost even less...but either Thailand and Malaysia are closer to China than USA and at least in Thailand there are not any customs fee importing such product from China.


#1357: Post by iyayy »

just like to say, replacing the clump crusher is mandatory mod.

after more than a year and half of handgrinding exercise, coming to df64 i find it to be ridiculously inconsistent, grind size, retention, channeling, flavor, bellow resistance, etc. there's just to much recycle and regrinding. people who didnt encounter this are likely someone who sticks to same beans and running same settings forever. even then i'd find the regrinding and displacing of grinds causes much inconsistency in taste. i drink brew, singles, or lattes, light, med and sometimes dark, depends on mood any time if day (or night) so i switch beans and settings often.

i've replaced the clump crusher and am now quite happy with it. now i sometimes use small portable battery vacuum when swapping beans, but didnt really find it necessary.

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i'd still recommend some light cumpcrusher to reduce static, its horrible without it. i cutout thin flexible plastic flap and add it.

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#1358: Post by DamianWarS »

I just got the ssp mp burrs. I'm curious what other people's experiences are with the changes in grind settings. burr touch is now 29 for me. I grinded today at about 35 for espresso and I was surprised at how fine I had to go. It was a long shot and I could have gone coarser. I just did a pour-over at 85. for the pour-over I was using an origami with wave filters which typically means longer brews. it's was a full body cup and I think if I were to make it again I would go coarser. I may end up putting a new sticker on it since I'm close to the limit of the grind settings markers. The burrs aren't seasoned yet so I'll wait a bit before I commit to a sticker. I know coffee vary quite a bit but what are are others differences with grind setting after chaning to the MPs?

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#1359: Post by bringyoutomyhell »

I don't have 'em but yeah it's normal, burr thickness is different, the new zero becomes roughly 30-ish as you experienced. With espresso and filter you'll need to go finer, as there will be less fines in the grounds and so less resistance to water passing by

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#1360: Post by DamianWarS » replying to bringyoutomyhell »

It's what I expected, I was just curious what others were reporting. I also haven't aligned the burrs and assuming they need slight asjustment it will move the touch point again.