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Love my DF64, Do I need to upgrade to p64?


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helderbarreto wrote:I will avoid that website.

Has anyone bought form Miicoffee? Is this their real website?

I bought mine from miicoffee along with the SSP High Uniformity burrs a few months ago and had a great experience.

They sent out a shipping notification almost immediately after placing the order and responded quickly to a question I had. The grinder was at my door within a few days and came well packaged. There was a free 3d printed grind size dial indicator that came with the grinder which was a nice touch. I had them send the grinder with the original burrs and installed the SSP burrs myself.

There is a slight bubble under the vinyl wrap near the exit chute on my grinder, but it is hardly noticeable. I think this is more an issue with the original manufacturer than anything with miicoffee specifically. Besides that the grinder has been working great and has been a huge improvement over the Sette 270 it replaced.


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I'd like to share my complete positive experience with MiiCoffee at https://miicoffee.shop/

I live in Brazil and through their online chat asked about the possibility of shipping to my country. I took a few minutes and I was surprised by their positive answer (the only options were US and Canada before).

I chose the ceramic black with MP burrs. It took only 14 days since shipping, paying taxes and receiving in my door.

I can only recommend Miicoffee to everyone.

I also would like to thank all of you that helped me.

That 220V power outlet isn't of DF64, it's from my induction heater.


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I haven't seen many others mention the noise as a big concern. I used stock burrs for a few months before switching to SSP MP. I know some forums/posts mention that it gets louder, and more shrill (it does), but has anyone found any way to quiet it? I have tried stuffing cotton balls in the bellow as well as the outer bits of the grind chamber. Not sure I can even tell a difference. I have also put the grinder on a silicone mat, but it mostly seems to be loud from the actual grinding / metal parts. Without doing a dimmer switch to (maybe/maybe not) change the RPM, has anyone found any solutions other than grinding outside :shock:


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The stiff aluminum shell of the DF64 is a fairly efficient sound radiator. Haven't tried this myself, but how about wrapping the main body with a sound-deadening mat. Used for car audio, and comes in peel-and-stick sheets. You'd certainly have a crazy-looking grinder after this.

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coming from 1z kpro.
quite a heft. the pearlish white looks nicer close up in life.


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Any more reviewers comparing the DF64 + HU Burrs with the Niche and stating their preference? For milk drinks.

Mostly see stock burrs, or, MP burrs which is the complete opposite of Niche.


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I recently received a shipment from miicoffee in Minneapolis Minnesota. They are real. Thought oddly a 3d printed indicator was on it. Not sure if they did that for free as a nice gesture or if it was a refurbished unit? It was perfectly clean so I think it was likely new. This includes the burr chamber which I opened to fix the alignment. It was a touch off.


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I got the DF64 with SSP unimodal burrs frpm J Coffee in malaysia and it has so far been performing excellently. When I ground a light roast bean through the df64 vs my compak k10 conical, the df64 with ssp unimodals were noticeably much more transparent in taste and I was able to isolate the flavour notes much more easily wirh the former while they tended to be subsumed and blended with the k10.

I have not found any issue with it making a mess through the bellows etc and it has typically retained very little. I haven't used any RDT at all. I have since souped it up by adding a anti pop corning funnel and a 10 degree tilt stand as well as an adjustment sheath for the prongs to hold the cup at a sharper angle vis a vis go the spout to better catch the grinds or to better hold the portafilter but most of these additions are probably not even necessary.

In terms of looks the p64 certainly looks much nicer though the df64 is no slouch in the looks department , and with its much tighter tolerances, alignment shouldn't be an issue with the p64. But provided the df64 is properly aligned and when equipped with the same ssp burrs, I really don't see why there is any need to upgrade to the p64. Having said this, I haven't had the chance to try the p64 yet and so I could be way off base !
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I used a puffer to blow out the nozzle and found rather more retained grinds blowing out than I expected.
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