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Can anyone tell me where to purchase SSP Burrs from in the UK and what I should be paying please. The super jolly burrs who manufactures these mazzer? Are the mazzer burrs a cheaper option and would they provide the same clarity as the ssp burrs. I am still in the honeymoon period with my Solo , but I do like the results so far coming from a conical grinder. Thanks in advance .


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I haven't found a source in the UK. The nearest is at https://homebarista.be/en but their shipping is extortionate. I'm just keeping an eye on US sellers & the SSP site to see when they are available & may order direct


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Thanks for the reply . Have you tried directly contacting SSP ? I wonder what there minimum ship would be?


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Message sent to SSP , I will feedback.


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Bigun404 wrote:Thanks for the reply . Have you tried directly contacting SSP ? I wonder what there minimum ship would be?
I did post a question on the site regarding stock but never got a response.
As far as I can tell you can order just the one set of burrs & shipping is included. Not sure what import I'd be hit for once it arrives in the UK though.
It will be interesting to hear if you get anything back from SSP. I was thinking of ordering the Multipurpose burrs, Which ones are you looking to get?


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Red speed multi purpose. I thought I had the types and uses nailed until I watched an online video at the weekend by a guy in Singapore, that really perplexed me :roll:


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Yes likewise I've been pretty perplexed by various reviews, comparisons & personal opinions some of which seem to contradict each others conclusions. For me there's too many variables & personal use scenarios at play to say who is right.

I already have a Niche & for me the stock Italmill burrs are OK but I don't think they're as good for light/medium roast espresso. I also don't think they really have the clarity I was expecting from a flat for pour over.

I think the SSP HU Burrs would produce a similar experience as the Niche does so I'm plumping for the Multipurpose, which I'm hoping will improve the pour over results & also give the flexibility for playing with longer ratio Espresso


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Saying that I was originally heading down the HU route because all I drink is espresso dark roasts and occasionally a medium roast. I am open to discussion , the on line video suggested the taste in the cup from the HU burrs would not suit me and what I prefer.


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I guess this is where we're both confused :? . My perception (not based on any personal experience) was that the HU burrs were more suited the to the darker side of life than the Multipurpose. With them being more flexible than the stock burrs when things get lighter. Which reviewer were you looking at? I'll take a peek

If you haven't seen the chart on the Option-O FAQ it might be worth a look, but even than doesn't come without it's own confusions with a few caveats thrown into the mix https://www.option-o.com/faq-lagom-p64

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Lots of confusion about the different SSP burrs. Have a look at this thread: SSP 64mm burrs user experience

That said, I have the MP burrs on my DF64. I use them with light roasts for spro and filter brews. The MP burrs are definitely not similar to the Niche, but instead are a nice complement to the Niche, which excels more at med/dark spro. I recommend the MP burrs if you are looking for clarity and flavor separation with lighter roasts at the expense of mouthfeel and classic integrated spro taste. I also use them for my filter brews where again they are better to bring out flavor separation.

EDIT: from the thread I posted, here is a specific message that gets more into detail on the different SSP burrs available: SSP 64mm burrs user experience