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#1121: Post by ronner »

Peter and Giampiero, This topic brings up something that I have seen happen with the upper carrier and the collar. Every so often I get a slight burr noise after the beans are gone. I usually solve by putting some rotational pressure on the upper burr and it goes away. the outside of the upper burr has concentric ridges from the machining. It would not be surprising if those cause some "grabbing" on the collar if it moves. My plan is to sand it smooth, but I have not had time. I am also considering putting Teflon on the vertical part of upper burr where the collar hits it when attached.


#1122: Post by Peter_SVK »

Slight burrs noise after the beans are gone may be also caused with residual bean fragments left between the burrs - I noticed that in Lagom too if adjusted empty grinder towards fine.
I think stainless steel shim/washer would be better than Teflon one, Teflon is a bit soft. Lagom (2nd batch) use thin ss washer, see the picture (if I understood correctly your desired purpose).

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#1123: Post by Rice Bowl »

Recently order a DF64 from espressooutlet during their black Friday sale. Excited to finally move onto flat burr home brewing, the Niche is great but just doesn't deliver the sort of clarity I desire.


#1124: Post by Sib »

As someone who has a DF64 and is thinking about adding a Niche, I would be very interested to read how you feel they compare!


#1125: Post by gilbert »

Likewise - tempted to go from my DF64 to Niche as the workflow and build quality of the DF64 is annoying me.
Particularly the retention when going from filter to espresso and back.. minor things, but keen to try the niche
I'm using SSP brew burrs V1, so no shortage of clarity, haven't even tried the DF64 stock burrs so wouldn't know them to compare!


#1126: Post by heytchap »

The niche is pretty crap for filter, so I'd think long and hard before doing it.

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#1127: Post by Brewzologist »

I've had both the Niche and DF64 with SSP MP burrs. IMO, the Niche is great for classic, integrated tasting and big mouthfeel espresso shots. Whereas the DF64 with MP burrs provides more flavor separation and clarity when using "turbo" espresso shot techniques. For me, these grinders address two different espresso purposes and the coffee used definitely impacts these qualities too. Note: my comments on the DF64 are specifically related to my use of MP burrs. YMMV with other burr sets.

I like dosing directly into a portafilter basket using a magnetic funnel on top (and I removed the PF arms and declumper from my DF64). For this use-case either the Niche or DF64 works well, but no doubt the Niche is more polished in terms of build and workflow, and it has less retention too. Is it worth selling a DF64 to get a Niche in terms of workflow improvement? Not for me personally, but I'm also not doing a high volume of shots. In fact, I found I preferred the turbo shots from my DF64+MP and was using my Niche less, so I sold it to a new home. I also like pour-over and IMO the DF64+MP is much better for this than the Niche.

EDIT: I failed to mention that I drink mostly light to light-medium roasts for both espresso and pour-over. So my preference for the DF64+MP over the Niche is also due to this. It might be different if I liked darker roasts.


#1128: Post by LObin »

I totally agree with this last post from Brewzologist. It highlights my experience when comparing the Niche to the DF64 with stock and now SSP MP burrs.

With the Mythos declumper and a 3D dial indicator, I'm not finding the workflow to be that much different. A few extra steps but nothing major. Once all the little gaps are filled 2-3 doses after clean up, I'm seeing next to no retention and minimal regrinding. With the declumper mod, the bellow pushes around .1 to .2g which I use or dump depending on the style and coffee I'm pulling.

Pour overs are indeed way better with the DF64/MP vs the Niche. I'm getting way more clarity and less of the tastes you don't want in a cup of coffee (astringency, bitterness, etc.). I've made some good pour overs with the Niche Zero but I've made some pretty terrible ones too. Clogging was a common thing. Not anymore.

If I only had my Niche, I'd be happy with most of my pour overs but now I guess I know what I was missing.

For me, the only way to upgrade from the DF64 would be moving to a Lagom P64 or P100. Much better workflow and a step forward in results. Other grinders are coming out soon like the Kopi, Zerno and potentially a SD bigger flat burr from the people behind the DF64.

But that's just me. Others may very well see things differently, JH being one of them.
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#1129: Post by Brewzologist »

LObin wrote: For me, the only way to upgrade from the DF64 would be moving to a Lagom P64 or P100. Much better workflow and a step forward in results. Other grinders are coming out soon like the Kopi, Zerno and potentially a SD bigger flat burr from the people behind the DF64.
This is where I'm currently at having sold all my other electric grinders. IMO, the burrs are the most important part of a grinder affecting taste, so I can't justify spending 3-4X more than my DF64+MP just for better workflow and aesthetics with only a diminishing return in taste quality. I also expect grinders like the DF64 may create some downward price pressures, or at least create two tiers of grinders; one for those that want the best-of-the-best and another tier for those who want bang-for-the-buck. So I'm content to wait and enjoy what I have.


#1130: Post by mikelipino »

On workflow between the P64 and the DF64, what are the differences? Is there anything that can be addressed by modding? The aesthetics are an obvious P64 win, but with the same burrs are the capabilities the same? I see it also has variable RPM, but I assume it's sent for a particular grind and then doesn't affect workflow?

On a side note, looking at some later posts on the P64 thread, it's exciting to see that a "cast" / Lab Sweet-style burr is being developed by Option O. If that burr fits on the DF64, I'd be ecstatic.