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ihrm wrote:Would aligning the burrs help with grind distribution? Enjoying the results for espresso with the stock setup but the grind distrubition at a V60 grind left a lot to be desired (some very large boulders)
It'll definitely help but the stock burr is mehhh for V60, it's doable and ok I guess you can say, but my steel burr Vario blows it away for pour over and my Df64 I have aligned about as perfect as you can get. If your really going to do V60 I would swap the burrs out for SSP.


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pdx-climber wrote:Could you send me a file? I think I have a friend who could print me one. I have a DF64 on order and expect it in a week or so.
Here's the one I'm using.



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I achieved a good ( for me) condition for my "espresso" routine.
In previous "experiments" i did noticed that the the bigger is the open area of the grinder hole ( where the chute get fixed to the grinder), more coffee was stuck in the chute itself.
So with a self-made transparent chute i did watch the coffee flow exiting the grinder hole, and i did realize that a reduced hole area was probably better to reduce the "blasting" force of the coffee flow, so i simply cut a thin pvc foil ( it was a doc folder cover) to make a sort of flapper to keep close the upper 50% area of the hole and let flow the coffee only in the lower area of the hole.
At the moment, once the burrs chamber is regularly filled in every nook, i can achieve between 0,2 to 0,3 gr retention ( instead of the normal 1gr) without using the bellows, i even reach a 0,1 but it was too much good to be repeatable.
I will back to the original lower burr carrier next week to verify if the modified lower burr carrier has really a part in the better results.
I'm not sure i took some photo, i will check later and eventually i will post it.
Statics it seems does not disappear, but basically without a "real" declumper i get quite nice grounds and almost clumping free, just few very small at the last grinds period.


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Does anyone know where I could get the rubber boots that slip on the portafilter fork? I found the complete fork assy. for sale but don't see the boots alone anywhere.


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If you want the "original" silicone boot, i have no idea where to find it, but maybe a search in some hardware shop for a silicone end cap, could eventually be a decent alternative.


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Very interesting to read this.

Keen to see the results of your back-to-back testing, and looking forward to some photos as well..!


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Hi all. I own the grinder since April and I tried all kind of things to improve it. Now that I reached the final form according to my needs I thought to share with you, maybe someone will find this useful. So, I 3d printed a antipopcorning device, a spacer, I took out one of the silicone piece and the one left for use I cut it as in the picture. The final result you can see it in a small video. I will attach some pictures, too.


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First of all, as always, i'm speaking only about my own unit, so no panic :lol:
I did probably found out why there is a "better" position of the upper burr carrier.
It was an argument already discussed many months ago, so if it was already explained, i apologize.
The 3 springs has not the same length, and i just found out that the method suggested to push down the silicone tube that keep the springs could not be the best solution to get an even as possible springs elasticity, this at least in my own unit.
I did achieved a better result just cutting out few mm of each silicone tube, so i allowed the springs to not get too locked inside the tubes, with consequent different elasticity, in my case i think that the molding has not exactly the same size in the 3 sections where the springs get squeezed in by the silicon tube.
I was recently hearing some intermittent sound while the burr was rotating without grinding any beans, and i thought that there was a slightly axial movement of the upper burr carrier while the lower burr was running, and the sound was persistent even if i was rotating to coarse, so it were not the burrs touching.
Considering i removed many times the dial ring and the upper burr carrier, i probably moved a "stabilized" condition.
I have to say that i got very irregular result day by day so i hope now i could began to see some more regular result, the first immediate effect is that i don't need to push down the upper burr carrier to engage the dial ring thread, if is better or not i will see in the next day.


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Giampiero wrote:... The 3 springs has not the same length, and i just found out that the method suggested to push down the silicone tube that keep the springs could not be the best solution to get an even as possible springs elasticity, this at least in my own unit...
From the principle of construction and functionality, if the spring preload is enough to push the upper carrier against dial collar, it doesn't matter, if they are equal in length, even in preload, elasticity, etc, IMO. :wink:


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Yes, right.....on the paper, but in the reality, i'm speaking about a grinder, in my hand, with different construction design than a mazzer or fiorenzato, ( i mentioned them due to the similarity in the upper burr carrier design), the DF64 dial ring has a tolerance that allow the upper burr carrier to slightly "wobbling" ( probably mine has passed many "operations" so more prone to develop such behavior) so IMHO, if one or 2 springs has a different force than other, it could misalign the whole upper burr carrier.
That's why many months ago i even tried to shim the 3 springs to give them an higher preload to see if was enough to eliminate the above mentioned wobbling possibility, but i gave up due to i was more worry to over stress the dial ring thread, and the contact surface between the upper burr carrier and the dial ring itself. :wink: