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No further info yet :( if I can get more info, I will.


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Could you imagine a DF80 with Lab Sweet burrs? Especially one that isn't the size of a vending machine? One can dream!


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Hi All!

It's been awhile since I posted an update with the G Iota I bought (and put SSP Espresso burrs in). I recently compared it again to my 68mm conical Kinu m68.

I gave the G Iota away to my brother who has been enjoying it with his setup. We didn't do any other mods to it besides upgrading to SSP espresso burrs, which probably wasn't even necessary. I'd highly suggest not messing with it until you get more comfortable with the G Iota, especially if you are a newbie. We've also found static to be good and a spritz of water isnt necessary.

Workflow is good, I just can't stand the noise compared to my hand grinder. I love the build quality and simplicity of Kinu m68 as well.

On to the taste test. By way of background, my brother and I both have a bias towards medium to dark roasts. We dabble into light roasts, but always go back to the more balanced stuff (for our tastes).

For the test, we pulled Devocion Toro blend. It's a super fresh Colombian, claiming notes of cherry, chocolate, vanilla, and almond.

We didn't do it blind and only pulled two shots after getting it dialed in.

I also wanna caveat that all the differences I list are minimal and I'm definitely splitting hairs. I'm not sure if I could pick the difference out blind:

The body on the Kinu was heavier, while the Iota was lighter (think melted chocolate vs soufflé). Both were pleasant I thought, just ever so slightly different. IMO the coffee itself dictates body more than the grinder.

Taste wise, I thought the Iota smoothed the highs and the lows of the Kinu, meaning acidity on the front end wasn't as high as the Kinu, and the finish wasn't as bitter as the Kinu. I wanna stress however it was very close. I thought the Iota brought out the almond note more than Kinu, and I got better flavor separation with the Iota. That's neither good or bad, and the difference was ever so slight.

Overall, both were good shots that I enjoyed. Taste wise, I liked the Iota shot better. Workflow wise I prefer the Kinu, as it's so much easier to dial in. It's also striking how much visually finer the grinds are out of the Iota than the Kinu.

Let me know if I can answer any questions!



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Would aligning the burrs help with grind distribution? Enjoying the results for espresso with the stock setup but the grind distrubition at a V60 grind left a lot to be desired (some very large boulders)


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cskorton wrote:Workflow is good, I just can't stand the noise compared to my hand grinder.
I have similar experience: For medium-roast espresso made with Robot, DF64 does no better than my 1ZPresso JE hand grinder, but workflow is obviously faster and static is easier to manage. If I wait to the end to use the bellows and throw away the gram of fines that come out, I do not have to do either RDT or WDT with the DF64. On the other hand, with the JE, I do both RDT and WDT, but don't throw any coffee away. I also get some joint soreness if I hand grind multiple shots per day. Does anyone get carpal tunnel hand-grinding coffee for themselves? Like you, I hate the noise of the DF64 --- though it is much quieter than most grinders in the price range. My Eureka Silenzio grinder is quieter than the DF64, but the 50mm burrs yield more lumps.


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ihrm wrote:Would aligning the burrs help with grind distribution? Enjoying the results for espresso with the stock setup but the grind distrubition at a V60 grind left a lot to be desired (some very large boulders)
Many here have aligned their DF64, me included. The stock burrs are more espresso oriented so not the best for pour overs but from my own experience, they can still produce a sweet and tasty cup.

If you are not satisfied with your V60 results, I would indeed recommend aligning your grinder. There are info on how to proceed in this topic and a few YouTube videos on the subject.

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cap2 wrote:Does anyone get carpal tunnel hand-grinding coffee for themselves?
Not as a direct result, but my wife and I both have developed pretty bad tendonitis primarily from hefting our twins about, and I can't grip my 1zpresso anymore. That's why I got the DF64.
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Amyone here with SSP burrs noticing a shift in their 0 point a few days after cleaning the grinder?

When cleaning my grinder, I notice a certain amount of grinds underneath the top burr which seems to affect it's position and alignment. After cleaning and realigning, I have to adjust my 0 point by close to 5 marks. There's also a change in performance that I'm noticing mostly with light roasts.

I only noticed this after installing SSP MP's burrs. The difference could be explained by a larger gap vs the stock burrs or I'm simply noticing it more because of the unimodal distribution of the MPs. Anyhow, the 0 point changes and the alignment is affected because of that gap, which isn't great.

I use a 3D printed antipopcorn device and have the Mythos declumper on mine.
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luvmy40 wrote:Shoot me a PM, I can get an anti popcorn device printed for you. Just send a link to the one you want. I'll ask my son to print it. Just pay the shipping.
Could you send me a file? I think I have a friend who could print me one. I have a DF64 on order and expect it in a week or so.


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heytchap wrote:I messaged Amanda to ask if they've considered making a DF100 with 98mm burrs. She told me they're working on making an 83mm version of the DF64 possibly due out by the end of the year or early next.

That is _very_ interesting.
This is annoying! I expect my DF64 to come in a week or so. I expect this new beast to 'fix' things... (moved on/off, quieter, var-speed??).

Preparing for upgrade-itis...

On another note... I can still change my order to go to ti burrs... not much cost. Worth it? Main reason I think would be 'seasoning' not so needed and maybe more consistent grind? I was advised to just get stock burrs but wondering....