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#1031: Post by mwynne »

Countertop setup is actually a tricky one for me too. I have both my europiccola and my DF64 on top of cutting boards that slide on the cheap countertop. I tuck them into the corner when not in use and slide them out when needed. The motor kick doesn't seem too bad for me, but it does make adjusting the grind harder - I switch between pourover and espresso and since it takes two hands to turn the adjuster, I usually have to brace body somehow (at least going from coarse > fine).
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cmin wrote:I was having issues with static, like really bad, and figured out it was the water I used in the mister. I used water from my RPavlis recipe jugs and found out that will do nothing for RDT, need some mineralization to reduce static from what I could gather from "scientific" jargon, gibberish to me but it worked lol. Filled with spring water, almost no static issues now.
This is interesting!

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#1033: Post by n3gkiwi »

I have read most of the posts on this thread and have done a few mods. However I am wondering what the general consensus is about the declumper and bellowing?

I have played around with simply adding more beans (say 19 grams for 18 gram shot) and not bellowing and the results have been better. I just discard the retained grinds. I'm leaning towards removing the declumper all together as I WDT but then am concerned about static mainly for drip...

Would be great to hear what others have been doing and experiencing.

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#1034: Post by Brewzologist »

I removed the declumper entirely and installed SSP MP burrs. I use RDT and grind with the metal lid on. That said, for filter grind I have at most 0.2g retention and don't need to use the bellows. For espresso grind I have <0.4g retention and use the bellows. Minimal static only at the end of espresso grind, but I use a funnel on my PF that captures everything.


#1035: Post by silvianyc » replying to Brewzologist »

Is that 0.4g retention before use of the bellows? Do you have a sense of how much coffee is exchanged each round when you use espresso grind settings? I'm interested in a pretty similar set up to yours, but debating on waiting for the p64, major benefit seems to be low retention and variable rpm which may help me control amount of fines.

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#1036: Post by Brewzologist »

<0.4gr retention after using bellows. But it brings up something I forgot to mention; I regularly switch from filter brews to espresso and back. So those retention figures are after a grinder setting change. And I've only had it for a couple weeks so there may yet be some additional burr break in.

IMO, >$1K more for a P64 is a lot to pay for variable RPM and a few 10ths of a gram less retention! 8)

EDIT: Also, I think the amount of fines produced is more a function of burr design. I got MP burrs specifically for turbo espresso shots, but it also works well for filter too.


#1037: Post by michang5 »

If it is valuable to anyone considering the Mythos declumper mod - and doesn't want to go back through the entire thread - here are photos and videos I took to document the process and results.

Process documentation: https://imgur.com/a/f5SICme

Post-mod Grinds #1-4 showing retention and static without RDT, Grind #5 with RDT, and Grind #8 shows where I am currently without RDT: https://imgur.com/a/Yc9M1R4

Too long; didn't view (TL;DV) - After the mod, I'm finally really satisfied and happy with my DF64.

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#1038: Post by n3gkiwi »

Appreciate the info on the declumper/retention mods. Going to remove the declumper and try the tilt base as well.

(Edit: good point)

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#1039: Post by Jeff »

(Probably a good idea for your own thread)


#1040: Post by pj »

very interesting. Does it still work well ?
Have anyone try this ?