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#1011: Post by Brewzologist »

Arson wrote:Homebarista.be sells a " G-IOTA FLOW CONTROL DISC",
https://homebarista.be/shop/products/pr ... ntrol-disc
It seems to aim to restrict the bean inflow, anybody experience with this?
I have a similar Eureka flow control disc and tried it on my DF64. It didn't work at all. Beans got stuck on top and never fed into the grinder.


#1012: Post by mikelipino »

While I haven't tried the flow control disc, I would think that the motor spins too fast for beans to feed properly past a spinning disc like what might be happening with Steve.

If you're doing this to prevent popcorning, a funnel might help you out. I'm currently using this mod. I never really had any issue with popcorning because I always grind with the lid and bellows on and both don't notice if beans are jumping around and haven't really seen any grind quality issues. But a funnel may speed up the grind (slightly) and it certainly keeps the collar cleaner.


#1013: Post by cjhacker23 »

Thanks for posting a picture of this--now it makes sense! Seems like a little more than I need.

Truth is, I haven't been finding much that needs improving with this grinder. I have the TiN coated stock burrs and was considering one of the premium burrsets, but the user experiences on them seem so mixed--channeling, narrow sweet spot, debatable flavor improvement--I'd be hesitant to spend the time and money. I suppose if I had the Decent and a desire to chase the ephemeral flavor profiles of super light roasts, I'd give one a try, but that's not really my thing. And I don't notice a popcorning issue--not sure whether my expectations are different--I keep the lid on while grinding, so don't really notice to what degree it's happening.

What else is there to improve? I guess retention? But even there, I weigh in and out, and most of the time, it's right on the money, by .1 gram. I'm sure there's a certain amount of exchange retention happening, but not enough that I notice it in the cup.

How about the 10 degree tilt mod? Does anybody use that, and/or think it improves things?


#1014: Post by mwynne »

After futzing with a few different things, for now I've settled on adding a better dial indicator and the DIY mythos style clump crusher (method 1 here https://jtt.coffee/df64), and that's it. I do RDT, but I also did that before, so no workflow change there. Oh, I also removed the portafilter holder since I grind into a few different sized containers and just hold them under the chute. I've got an anti popcorn funnel but didn't feel it improved my experience. Will probably check alignment when I'm bored one day, and still kind of want to mess about with the power switch but neither feel urgent. All other mods I have in mind are cosmetic.
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#1015: Post by cjhacker23 »

Right, I saw the clump crusher mod and thought that might be something I'd do as well. I RDT, so any additional static that might be caused by messing with the stock flaps I don't think would be an issue. But this would require me opening up the machine and I've been of a "if it ain't broke" mindset about the grinder thus far. I have this suspicion that some people's problems with the grinder (I'm thinking mostly of the folks on the UK forum) have stemmed from them opening it up right away and tinkering--and that if they'd just waited for the grinder and burrset to break in a bit, then those minor issues (retention or flavor defects or what have you) would have resolved themselves. But I myself am a tinkerer, and am struggling against my natural desire to "improve" the grinder. :)


#1016: Post by mwynne »

In general I *really* don't think it needs mods, but I am also a tinkerer and just can't resist. I support tinkering, but I say it's worth giving a decent go as-is, so that you can really narrow down your personal pain points instead of just swinging for the fences.

I do think that swapping the clump crusher was worth it - at least for my workflow, beans, etc... It had the the double layer silicone flaps and I was not super thrilled with some of the consistency and amount of bellowsing I was needing. I removed the crusher entirely and it was a hot static-y mess. I could have just re-installed a single silicone flap, but it was the work of 10 minutes and a spare piece of plastic to try out the DIY declumper so I figured why not, and it's definitely the best experience our of the three iterations I've used.
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#1017: Post by cmin » replying to mwynne »

Which DIY declumper? I removed mine entirely (I had updated declumper) but yeah static is a mess. Was a tradeoff though as stock declumper was causing retention and more fines production. Especially towards end grinding I'm getting like dust and chaff particles all over grinder and counter, RDT not helping. And if I use the bellow into my OF and funnel it just blows more dust around and same for into cup.

Wasn't there a thin silicone some were using to try different shapes? Could swear I read that and which silicone to use but can't find it.


#1018: Post by mwynne »

I used method 1 here https://jtt.coffee/df64#https://www.not ... 38f7d5d011

For the spacer, I had a 3D printer declumper on hand that I decided not use and cout out the middle.

Mine came with two thin silicone sheets as the declumper, I think people peel them apart and only use one layer.
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#1019: Post by mikelipino »

Chris, this is one of the silicone mods. It's working well for me so far, much fewer grinds bellowed out and similar static as stock (i.e. fairly clean if you RDT).


#1020: Post by Pirateisme001 »

I just started using the DF64, has anyone found a filter coffee setting they like?