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#1001: Post by Giampiero »

In the infinite mods process of this "demanding" grinder, did this "rudimental" antipopcorning device, and i have to admit it works great, basically zero material cost, and 30 minutes of work.
I used a broken rotary pump collar and the upper part of a plastic alcohol bottle :lol:


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Jonk wrote:This concept of regrinding - does it really happen or was it just something Hoffman made up for his video?
Consider the likelihood (or not) that ground coffee will work its way back into the burrs from the edge.

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#1003: Post by Jonk » replying to evan »

Yes.. It seems a lot less likely to me than that it would do what we expect and shoot out the chute - declumper be damned.

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#1004: Post by Brewzologist »

Quick report from a new DF64 owner: Purchased the grinder from Espresso Outlet and SSP MP burrs from Prima. Installed/shimmed the burrs and ran 8lbs of coffee thru it. Got about 85-90% alignment on bottom burr and 100% on top burr. Used these instructions for all my setup: https://jtt.coffee/df64

Did a pour-over and shots today and all came out good. As for mod's to the grinder besides the burrs:

-- I removed the de-clumper entirely and used a spacer to keep the screws from entering the burr chamber
-- I removed the portafilter bracket.
-- Added a 3D printed dial indicator

Using a workflow similar to how I use my Niche Zero: For pour-over I grind directly into a steel cup. For espresso I grind directly into a basket with a tall Decent funnel on it (no portafilter). I use RDT and dump the beans into the DF64, put the lid on (no bellows) and grind. For pour-over there's almost no residual and I don't need to use the bellows. For spro I need to up-dose a few grams and use the bellows. Not much static and cleanup is easy.

So far so good. Now on to try those light roast Turbo shots on my DE1 which is why I got the DF64 in the first place! 8)

P.S. Still intend to use the Niche Zero for med/dark roasts when I want classic spro with lots of body.


#1005: Post by LindoPhotography »

Where'd you get that portafilter holder mod?
Kran wrote:New antipopcorn device. I don't use the bellow so it's not designed to use the bellow at the same time. This works well. Currently printing version 2 which has a few tweaks and will also allow me to use the lid.



#1006: Post by Kran »

It's a portafilter holder from a Mahlkonig E65S with a 3D printed bracket to mount it in place at the correct angle.


#1007: Post by cjhacker23 »

I'm poking around the Thingiverse after having used my DF64 for about 6 months as-is, and saw this set of designs proposing itself to be the "DF64 Zero Retention Package." Sounds great! But I can't really figure out how all the parts fit together:


Has anybody printed this out and used it, or might someone help me figure out whether it is likely to live up to its lofty claims, before I invest 50 dollars on a printing service?


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#1008: Post by mwynne » replying to cjhacker23 »

More in the DF64 group on Facebook (I think it's a https://www.facebook.com/groups/1066456 ... 647101814/, sorry).

I was playing with adapted version of the power switch mod, but haven't quite got it rolling. Most of the actual retention parts aren't of much interest to me.
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#1009: Post by itlust »

Im a friend with the creator of this mod,
The purpose of this mod is to make sure you have minimal exchange on your grinder,
Because DF64 retain most of the coffe ground in declumper and chute, this mod make sure you have access to the chute so you can brush most of the coffee ground.
the blower on top is to minimize the movement of the top burr when you bellow it ...

im using this, and quite happy with the result but i must admit the workflow is not the best ...
i mean you must spend quite a time to make sure you brushed all the coffe ground :wink: ( vs only bellow it few times and done )


#1010: Post by Arson »

Homebarista.be sells a " G-IOTA FLOW CONTROL DISC",
https://homebarista.be/shop/products/pr ... ntrol-disc
It seems to aim to restrict the bean inflow, anybody experience with this?