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Vvei wrote:I will say... the Ghost Burr version of Fuji R220 only shines at settings 4.5 which many people consider not fine enough.
I use it all day on setting 1.5 and never really have to change it. Works just fine.


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Can anyone recommend the best source to order an R-220 from in the US?

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another_jim (original poster)
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I used Ebay to get a 100V Japanese version along with separate transformer (still have no clue if it's really warranted). That was about 20% cheaper than Amazon. I do not know if it was the best deal. The grinder itself is a good deal, well above its price range for cup quality and sturdiness, so I wasn't too worried about scoring the last penny on the purchase.
Jim Schulman


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Gotcha. Thanks, Jim.


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I purchased mine (100V Japanese version) from Amazon Japan site back in 2017. item was in back order, so it took a while before it got to my hand

I also picked up a step up/down voltage transformer from Amazon US


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Vvei wrote:The 804 Lab Sweet is a grinder 6-7 times the price of Fuji 220. So, comparing these two grinder might not be fair.
The 804 Lab Sweet's motor is also much bigger which is good for commercial back to back brewing whilst the Fuji 220 motor is much smaller which is not designed for back to back commercial brewing.

If you have the budget and space though, by all means go with the Ditting Lab Sweet as it really is an excellent all purpose grinder.
But know that it is a beast of a grinder you will not want to move around.
And, at that price, You will also run into choice dilemma with all the other slightly more expensive boutique grinder (EG1, Kafatek, Ultra etc).

For filter brewing though, I can with confidence say that
1) its better than Niche at filter brewing.
2) have absolutely low fines on setting 4.5 and up.
3) at its price, I think it is one of the best true and tried electric grinder options.
4) Fuji Royal is a company that has been in existence for a long time, so, long term service is assured.

My way of brewing these few months, regardless of beans and roast level, is to put 1 to 13.33 ratio on the Clever Dripper or French Press.

The settings I use for Clever Dripper is on ratio of 13.33; Grinder settings 4.5; Steeped for 4-5 minutes Ala Workshop Coffee style as described by James Hoffman on his youtube video. This will usually yield me a TDS of 1.5 - 1.52 on VST refractometer.

The end results, a coffee so good that makes me drink 60 grams of coffee a day. :D
Vvei, I'm curious, with the other grinders I see listed on your stable, when/why do you turn to the Fuji? Also, you've got the ghost version Fuji, correct?