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So it can't grind fine enough for flat bottom drippers?
Have you tried it against Comandante? Thanks for all the info man. Appreciated
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Yep... I own the Commandante, but didnt compare the yield with VST meter.

I will say... the Ghost Burr version of Fuji R220 only shines at settings 4.5 which many people consider not fine enough.

If your concern is the not fine enough part, you can try ordering the Fuji R220 Blade Burr.


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Thanks man. This grinder is very intriguing tbh. We need more comparisons done by you! It will help us potential buyers. Have a nice day
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Not wanting to derail this thread,
But I have a 100 series grindmaster with big olé ghost burrs.
And the grind consistency is great once your backed off a bit from burrs chirping. Very tight grinds just after burr chirp has lots of fines.
The cup clarity and flavor separation is remarkable.
I don't want to use anything else for filter coffee right now.

(FWIW I picked it up 2nd hand for $20, meticulously cleaned, and I did the sandpaper alignment method to get the burrs a bit more parallel.
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Ad, I use my R-220 for Kalita 155 pourovers all the time (on settings 5.5 or 6 usually)--the coffee is *great*. I've compared it to a C40 recently, and I preferred the coffee from my R-220; the C40 performed well but gave me more unidimensional cups with sharper acidity, whereas coffee from the R-220 was more balanced/rounded.
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Single cup V60 is also no problem on my R-220 (with very broken in burrs). Usually I'm at setting 6. Counter-intuitive to me though, some medium to medium dark roasts have been better as low as 3.

I've had some extraordinarily nice cups, but also poor results with other beans. So I tend to use it as a backup, to experiment with if I'm not satisfied with the taste using my regular grinders.

Never experienced metallic taste, but for light roasts there can be a sort of burnt flavor that I believe Hoffman was also mentioning in his Xeoleo review.


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Thanks man. I appreciate that. I have one on pre order. I hope it works if not I will order a sieve.
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The most waited comparisons is between the R-220 vs Apex, side by side, same Ghost Burr, one with the muscle the other with electric...imho C40 and friends (1zpresso, M47, Timemore, Lido Series) were not in same league for pour over....
Eagerly waiting those Ghost Burr battle in the cups.. :D


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Yan wrote:. . . R-220 vs Apex, side by side, same Ghost Burr . . .
Are they really the same burrs? What supports that assertion?
-- Richard


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Same type of Burr.."Ghost Burr" not same identical Burr...
Apex is 77 and 75mm Burr, never hands on the R-220..