Flat burrs low retention without bellows? - Page 2

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#11: Post by Jeff »

About 0.1-0.3 g on a Niche Zero and medium-light roasts (La Cabra, Passenger, light George Howell, ...). With some flow-driven profiles that's enough to significantly alter the extraction. It adds maybe 15 seconds to puff, spin up and down, and puff again to make sure the grinder is "clear" for the next shot, especially if I'm going to change the grind. I believe, without proof, that it improves my consistency.


#12: Post by 111a111sk »

Another factor I haven't seen mentioned anywhere but unfortunately discovered myself is the spout steepness and stickiness. My E37SD retains ~0.3 in the spout which needs to be brushed out.

I have Bentwood arriving in a week, I'll be sure to report its retention.