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Came looking for opinions about the machine, but pretty much found the same issues I experienced first using it, and some others.
The coffee coming out of it is keeping me from returning it, since the taste is exceptional, but also this is my first flat burr grinder, so maybe that skews my experience to be more positive i think.
The noise and grinding speed is what i don't care about, I'm more interested in workflow and retention.
That said, the whole hopper design is making me wondering if i'd have been better off buying a specialita and a 3D printed custom single dose bellows hopper. The whole retainer blade is totally unnecessary, since you can just switch on and pour the beans in from the cup.
It also makes the bellows about 10% efficient, since most of the air escapes through the slit where the blade retainer sits.
My machine also have a hopper screw probably 2 sizes smaller, because it just falls out. Thankfully the rubber insert holds the hopper nicely.
Now the retention. I expected to lose a couple grams of coffee on the first run, and it did about 3-4 grams, but even after a couple of runs, final weight varies from -0.8g to +0.8g, which i don't like, but will have to see if it improves within the coming weeks with the fines filling the nooks and crannies. Also if the friggin bellows would actually blow the air into the burr chamber, i think it would work much better. I certainly don't have the same amount in, same amount out shown in the video.
I guess the grinder is an excellent Eureka grinder, with the quality burrs and motor, yet none of the "single dose" workflow aspect was done right on the machine.


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I have seen this review a number of times as I am am very curious about this grinder (compared to the Niche Zero that I would have already bought if it had been made outside China). The author seems to have pretty unconventional and sometimes unorthodox ways of understanding coffee-related engineering and procedure issues. Elated, I immediately subscribed to his interesting channel :mrgreen: .
The issues that are highlighted in the review are , in a sense, subjective. It is true that all Italian made machines have very flimsy hoppers (not only them, but anyway) . Traditionally, hoppers are a non-issue for Italian grinder manufacturers, as most Italian commercial customers do not use hoppers at all, so creating pleasurable-to-use hoppers is something outside the boundaries of their experience and knowledge. I was very surprised when I saw a wooden lid on the Single D0se. That said, the problems with the lid and the bellow are probably largely user-related, as other reviewers didn't have such problems as far as I know. There are margins for better lids (and hoppers) for sure, but advanced home users are obviously white flies in Italy (no need to own espresso-related equipment in a nation where one espresso costs Eur 1,20 ) and important coffee establishments (by far the most important grinder users) seldom use hoppers at all, so the userbase feedback must be totally from foreign sources, that have such a consumer base.
The author acknowledges that the machine burrs are already mostly OK, that he proceeds to shim them anyway :shock: , it isn't strange he then finds his machine noisy :mrgreen: but all in all it seems he is happy with the retention (my biggest focus and point of interest for this unit) and the quality of the coffee he can extract. He then says that he can have an almost equal result with his Eureka Specialita' (a similar grinder with smaller burrs) and this is shocking to me - as the only limit of the Specialita' are the relatively smaller burrs. I can notice a noteworthy difference in results in the cup between my Macap M4 and Mazzer SJ, despite the two grinders being largely similar - this is mainly due to the difference in burr size.


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I got my Eureka Single Dose yesterday and had the same issue with the screw to attach the hopper the main unit being loose. I contacted the seller and they said others have had this issue, it's because in shipping there is a small threaded nut in between the two holes that falls down and is no longer catching the screw. Unscrew the back and remove the top plate and rubber insert that secures the hopper. You'll see the nut at the bottom, give it a little shake to have it fall back the top and put the screw in the secure it in the right position. Then reassemble the unit.


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I've had this grinder for two days now in the chrome version. I preordered it back in November and when I saw the video review from The Wired Gourmet I was concerned. I can tell you that my worries vanished after the first dialed in shot.

First, the issues that he had with the metal revolving tab are non-existent on mine. The operation is smooth and purposeful. The other issue with the knob resistance and spring load is also absent in my SD. The knob works great and has the appropriate amount of resistance. I also did not have any issues fitting the bellows or lid onto the machine, and not being a caveman lurch helped in not breaking the wood of the bellows lid. I mean really, how much of an idiot do you have to be to toss a wooden lid around so carelessly that you break it in minutes? What a tool.

I'm coming from a super loud grinder (Sette 270) so I may not be the best judge of loudness, but I am extremely pleased with the volume levels of this grinder.

Simple summary: I do not have a single complaint thus far. It is exactly what I needed to eliminate some steps in my single dosing workflow and speed things up overall. The retention was a little all over the place with the first few shots, but it's settle in to a consistent 0.2g for now. The fit and finish on this machine is first rate and is beautiful next to my Bianca. The quality of spro in the cup is the best I've made by far.


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Could have been a bad batch that the guy reviewed Triumphrider. Italian manufacturing is not always perfect or consistent. I'm glad your grinder has come up as you wanted and expected. Any particular thoughts on how the shots came out compared to other grinders?


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I'm still testing out the profiles with this grinder and my Bianca. It's early to tell since it's only been 4 days, but I can say without a doubt that the quality of espresso is much better than either of my conical burr grinders. Much more depth and clarity for sure. The shots are overall more balanced with reduced bitterness. Because of the reduction of fines and more consistency in grind size I've had nearly zero channeling in my bottomless PF and this is after eliminating any WDT measures I was using before. I just received a new shipment of coffee and will have more results soon.