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#1: Post by jb-0101 »

Hey, every time I grind beans, I get this little blob of fines on the top. It happens with espresso and filter grind settings, but it's easier to see with filter. Here is a picture of a V60 grind I did today.

Grinder is Ditting 804 with a set of the old cast burrs recently sharpened by SSP.

Is this normal?


#2: Post by Jeff001 »

Is the clump coming from using the knocker at the end? Or maybe they need to be re-seasoned after sharpening. I wonder if sharper edges create more static, leading to fines clumping together more rather than being more evenly dispersed so less noticable. That's purely conjecture on my part though

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#3: Post by Jonk »

It's not uncommon on some grinders. Convenient if you want to scoop out the fines. Otherwise you can shake or mix it in.


#4: Post by Acavia »

Based on color, it looks like chaff. I have a Kr804 with Sweet burrs. My knocker also dumps those tan like pieces. Chaff is probably less dense than the main parts of coffee beans, and therefore do not shoot-out from centrifugal force as easily as other parts. If so, that situation probably causes them to be last to exit and to be ground into fines since they probably tend to stay inside getting chopped to bits more so than other parts of the bean that shoot out from gravity when they get smaller than the burrs outfall hole.

jb-0101 (original poster)

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Thanks Acavia, I didn't think it was chaff, it didn't Quite look like chaff in the flesh. the colour might be because I used the flash. Here's one without the flash, let me know what you think:


#6: Post by Acavia » replying to jb-0101 »

It does not look like my grinds. My grinds seem finer and are coated with fines making all grinds look like powder. What setting is that? Also, is yours calibrated for the coarser range? I think mine is 1 bar, half between numbers offset, so on the finer side of its calibration.

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I've got mine calibrated about 1/4 notch from touching (as close to touching as possible). I grind espresso at about 1.5-2.5. That picture was at 4.5 for v60 with 15g coffee to 250g water which flowed in about 3:20. I didn't take a photo but there was a layer of fines left on top of the grounds after the pour (didn't take a photo).