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Hello there people,

this question probably has been asked 1000+ times. But for the love of god - i'm not able to get the information i need.
The whole SSP Burr naming/usage topic is so out of control in my opinion! And i'd really love to get this topic out of mind :D

So my question here is: Which SSP Burr would you recommend for strict Filter Brew.
I know there're the "MP" Burrs and "Brew" Burrs (?) and then also different coatings, like SIlver Knight.

What's the difference between them and what would you recommend?

Thank you so much! :)


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So from what I've experienced/heard:
MP and Brew burrs are similar geometrically. The main difference is the outer edge cutting surface, which disallows the brew burrs from grinding at a tighter level (and therefore, no espresso grinding ability). These burrs are both high clarity, low body burrs.
HU ironically isn't high uniformity, and is more driven for espresso. The geometry helps create fines which are good for espresso, but not specifically for clarity. I've heard that these have potential to have astringency in the cup, but that's a preference as well.
The cast (or Lab Sweet) burrs are Medium-high clarity, higher body burrs that are cast (except for the edge, which is machine cut). These burrs can have high body which can perspectively have "sweetness" in the cup due to the cast burr + geometry. Some people don't like the flavor because though it can taste sweet, the higher body can give perceptive bitterness as well. I personally enjoy this set of burrs for filter coffee, especially for immersion oriented brew methods.
Red speed is the normal coating for burrs with espresso in mind, but silver knight definitely works for brewing as well (SSP has a breakdown of the different coatings and what they mean on their website: . Just scroll down)
Hope this response helps OP! Of course if others have different experiences with the 64mm SSP burrs, can add/correct what I've said.

Loreo123 (original poster)

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Thanks for the reply - that helps!

Im usually only drinking light roasted coffee - if that helps?
So i think the U1 Brew Burrs with the Silver Knight Coating might be "it".
But i kinda fear them being too clean and maybe even watery?!

Looking forward to your replies! :)


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Loreo123 wrote:So i think the U1 Brew Burrs with the Silver Knight Coating might be "it".
But i kinda fear them being too clean and maybe even watery?!
I have those burrs, uncoated. On the few occasions I have been able to compare with the C40, the unimodal v1 burrs have been a bit clearer with a more citrusy acidity, but actually more similar than different in my opinion. I bought some beans from La Cabra recently that worked great with those burrs, but yes - other times the flavor can be dull. Not exactly watery, just lacking. I like the burrs a lot, but feel the need to have a backup grinder as well.


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Loreo123 wrote: So i think the U1 Brew Burrs with the Silver Knight Coating might be "it".
But i kinda fear them being too clean and maybe even watery?!
If you don't foresee yourself going into the espresso world, those brew burrs are definitely nice. I'd argue for the MP burrs if you ever see yourself delving into that world in the near future. I would argue for higher clarity burrs rather than higher body/sweetness because stock burrs of most 64mm grinders are still able to produce a similar (though less sweet) profile. The MP/Brew SSP burrs are insanely clear and can come off as watery, but is not a bad thing if you enjoy coffee on the lighter spectrum

Coating is more of a protective layer more than anything if you're not grinding 250g at a time.

Again, good luck with the purchase!

Loreo123 (original poster)

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I already own a DF64, is it on par with the the Fellow Ode - both equipped with SSP MP Burrs.
Or is the Ode that much better, that justifies buying it.

Talking solely about filter performance here! :)

Thank you people

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Same burrs, both 1400 RPM, the main difference seemingly vertical vs. horizontal burrs. Hmmm. You'd have to run some double-blind triangle tests to convince me that there was a meaningful difference even before that there is a preference in the cup.

Usability would be something to consider. I find the DF64 with MP annoyingly loud with light roasts in the espresso range. It is an exceptionally messy grinder compared to what I'm used to. On the other hand, the Ode isn't designed to grind for espresso.


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Just a note, the original brew burrs that I have (silver knight coated) make espresso just fine. I used them daily for months. Of course lacking thick big body and can be more difficult to dial in, but they work. I do like them for filter and, funnily enough, are great for it. Now mostly I'm using a ditting kr804 for both purposes


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The four sets blind tested, hopefully helps a bit:
In your case MP or Cast. I agree naming is kind of wrong and misleading at this point.

Loreo123 (original poster)

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*Disclaimer* it's solely about the filter coffee experience!

So, let me put it that way: :
Basically there's just a hair splitting difference between MP and Brew Burrs and put them either of them in an Fellow Ode or DF64, you'll get (not the exact) but really similar results.
Would you agree?
Because, I'm only really drinking filter coffee and I just don't want to miss out on anything big, if I don't get the Ode and just stay with a DF64 and throw these MP Burrs in it!

Thank you people! :)