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#131: Post by DrewM85 »

I installed mine last week. Finally able to get some longer brew times and actually have range now. Was grinding pretty much everything on 1. Not so anymore.


#132: Post by limonengelb »

Is there a specific stationary burr with the V2? Mine arrived and both burrs looked identical minus serial number, unlike the V1. Wasn't sure if there was a particular burr that needed to be stationary.


#133: Post by staymesso » replying to limonengelb »

Nick has said in the installation video that the burrs are symmetrical so there is no specific burr for rotational vs stationary. Install either one wherever


#134: Post by Kran »

For those who are curious I swapped out my SSP cast v2 burrs for the the Fellow v2 burrs a few weeks ago and have gone through 4-5 different coffees so far. My preference is for the SSP cast. To me the Fellow v2 were a little muted compared to the SSP. Just swapped the cast back in and will stay with these.


#135: Post by dascoont »

Can anyone here provide any taste comparison of gen 2 burrs to 1pzresso K or JX grinders? Are the gen 2 burrs less complex?

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#136: Post by Shenrei »

Gen2 are very similar to the 1zpresso K series profile...but are more clear. Structure is relatively the same with increased depth.
- Tim


#137: Post by dascoont »

Nice, I recently tried other high end hand grinders, I was surprised by how much less complex the brews were, and how much I missed the complexity and nuance taste profile my kpro gave.

Looking forward to trying out the new gen 2 burrs.